How To SUPER Juicy Mini Twists On Short 4C Natural Hair

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hey what's up hair friends it is Tyiece here so today I am attempting my

very first mini twist so what I do is start off by spritzing my hair lightly

with water and then I part off the back section really small section and use

some sectioning Clips just to get the hair out of the way while I twist the

other section so for today I'm using the kinky tresses hair butter I apply a

generous amount of product to the back section of my hair that entire section

and then I go ahead and part off smaller sections and then I reapply another

generous amount until the hair is dampened with that product so I just

sectioned off small sections at a time and I twist it really tight so that my

roots do not come out puffy and after twisting it I twirl the ends around my

finger so that the ends stay in place and it do not unravel

so right here I'm showing you a slowed down version so as you can see I twist

it then pull it up twist pull twist pull twist pull and this is going to keep the

twist nice and tight I know people were asking how do you keep the roots tight

how do you keep the twist from unraveling it is because I twist it

really tight and pull it up while I twist so this entire process took me

about five minutes I mean I'm saying five minutes I wish it was five minutes five

hours to complete with breaks in between so I did stop and do a lot of things I

stopped to cook to eat to clean up so it wasn't a straight five hours and I did

do it on two separate days because I did start the night before really late and

this is how the back section is looking really juicy as you can see those twists