How To Dutch Braid Your Own Hair Step By Step For Complete Beginners - FULL TALK THROUGH

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hey guys and welcome back to my channel

today I'm going to show you step-by-step

how to do a Dutch braid

I'm not going to speed anything up in

this video because I'm going to explain

every step I take from the top to the

bottom so yeah it's going to be a belong

so if any of you guys have trouble doing

in Dutch braid you can follow along to

this video step-by-step and I'm sure you

guys are going to be massive writers in

no time so the first thing you want to

do is to brush all your hair to get rid

of all the tangles when you're done

brushing your hair you're going to part

your hair into two equal sections down

the back of your head here we go now we

take a hair clip something like this or

an elastic and just clip this hair out

of the way or tie it up depends on what

you are using the first thing you want