How To Cornrow Braid For Beginners | Clear Easy Steps

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don't tune Antonia and don't hey guys

today we're going to be doing a how to

cornrow braid your hair this is

something that I don't really do a lot

with my hair number one just because I

think that twisting is a lot more gentle

I tend to lose less hair when I twist

less hair gets caught and I get less

frustrated and it doesn't take as long

but with that being said there's a

couple of styles that I want to try out

and so I figured it was about time that

I finally just sucked it up and teach

myself how to properly cornrows I can

always cornrow on my daughter's hair for

some reason but just doing it on myself

with always such a struggle just take my

word for it for somebody who also

struggles with cornrow

continue trying practice makes perfect

and you will get it it just takes a