How To Create Columns In Microsoft Word

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today I'm going to show you something

very basic but I've gotten a lot of

questions recently on how to do this so

I thought I'd do a quick video on it I'm

going to show you how to create columns

in your Microsoft Word documents so

before I jump into that I do want to ask

you a favor I'd love to get your opinion

on what kind of tutorial videos you want

us to do in the future it seems like our

Microsoft Word videos have been pretty

popular so we're happy to keep doing

those if you'd rather I do some windows

8 stuff or maybe there's something else

out there you want me to do let me know

because I will do what people want to

see so make sure and let me know in the

comments okay columns it's very easy to

create columns in your Word documents so

in this video I'm using word for Mac and

the columns button is right here under