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hey guys what's going on you asked for

it and today I am giving it to you today

I'm showing you how I do these base fun

things right here I think that's what

they're called that's what I call it

super easy I get compliments every

single time I wear this hairstyle and I

really call it my like dirty hairstyle

because I do this when my hair is super

super dirty

you need dirty hair for this hairstyle

I'll kind of go into that as I talk you

through it because you want texture in

your hair and you want to get big buns

so yeah if you guys are interested in

seeing these little space buns right

here and go ahead and keep watching so

typically this is what my hair looks

like I'd say this is like my go-to

hairstyle pretty much every day if not a

like top not on my head so first things