Training Twice A Day - Yes or No? | My Current Split

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what's up guys welcome to today's video

I hope everybody's well today's videos

gonna be discussing about training twice

a day what is it all about is it

suitable for you is going to be more

beneficial for building muscle or is it

a complete waste of time now what do we

mean by training twice a day is where

you have two sessions in one day where

you lifting weights right I'm not

talking about doing like cardio for one

of the sessions and then doing the

weights in the other session though this

is two sessions a day we're lifting

weights and doing on a regular basis

throughout the week okay I have done

this once before many years ago back

when I had my own gym and it's something

which I'm doing now I've just started

doing it recently main reason because

I'm stuck in my apartment right now I