First Night Tips || Wedding Series || DDD Day 3

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if you're someone like me you will love

this video so let's get started so


before this video I just want you to

have a cup of coffee or just relax the

pillow and listen to what I'm saying

today so this video is all about the

first night after marriage I know most

of us are not comfortable talking about

this like in front of anyone or on

screen or else you can't talk to your

elders or you know anyone even like if

you are the first child of the house you

don't have any sibling to talk or to

anyone you know and if you have been a

lonely child like me with no friends

like not much of friends then it's very

very relatable so you know this is a

very sensitive topic to be talked about

but yes it should be talked about I have

included this topic in my wedding series