1940's HAIR TUTORIAL!!! || Retro Victory Rolls

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hello everyone and welcome back to my

channel so today is a little fun hair

tutorial I have a series on my channel

called make up for the decades where I

take you guys through every decade I've

done for now I've done the 20s the 40s

the 50s in the 80s so I got into the 60s

and 70s cuz those ones are like really

awesome but today is a hair tutorial so

the only other hair tutorial I have up

for the decades is the 1920s but you

guys really seem to like that one so I

wanted to take a step back and go back

to the 40's and do the 1940s hairdo do i

or do I not look like Rachel McAdams

from The Notebook right now like it's

just anyways giving me life so I'm going

to show you how to do this pin curl kind

of fluffy brushed out curl with these

awesome little victory rolls it's super