1930s Finger Wave + Kiss Curl Hairstyle (NO HEAT, NO CURL, NO SET)⎢VINTAGE TIPS & TRICKS

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hello tube system tricksters welcome

back to my channel and welcome to

another vintage tips and tricks video

today I have the as promised hair

tutorial from my last video which I will

link up above you guys love the

eyeshadow look but so many people ask me

to do the hair so I thought I would

follow up with that today it's gonna be

a voiceover video because it is

something I have to concentrate on quite

closely just because of the little like

tricky itty-bitty bits that I have to do

with the comb but I will do a voice over

and explain everything for you guys so

follow along with me and let's get

started so for this look you're gonna

need a strong hold hairspray

a tail comb and a brush

you'll also need some clips I'm using

these but bobby pins will be fine part