Vintage Finger Wave Tutorial - Learn how to style classic 1920's flapper style vintage waves!

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I'm going to show you how to create some

quick finger waves on the practice head

I think you'll probably find if you've

struggled if you've tried creating

finger waves on a person and you've

struggled with it just take a step back

and go back to your practice head again

because I think you'll find once you've

been able to master the technique on a

practice head you'll find it really easy

to then work well you'll find it a lot

easier to then work on a person so I've

done a little bun just in the back here

and I just used two ponytails at the

back of the hair and wrapped the

ponytails around each other we do have a

tutorial showing you how to do that

particular style and I think it's the

one with the finger wave tutorial so now

I've left one section out here just at

the front and I'm just going to put a