Easy 1920s hairstyle

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hey guys it's media to Palmer and this

Emily regular Emily stars so guys

welcome back to my channel and as you

can see rosie has not left this seat at

all since the last time I filled out my

other youtube different so here are the

things you guys are gonna need to create

this flat four hairstyle you will need a

half inch curling iron a good old wooden

paddle brush Fritton people some good

old-fashioned hairspray a handy dandy

blow-dryer and a lot of duckbill pins

you're a good old teasing comb and

can-do attitude okay guys so what we are

going to do is take our duckbill clips

and we're gonna make sections of the

hair this is the boring part I know just

bare through it your first section is

gonna be your nice crease line over here

and make sure you get a nice straight

crease is not simple okay so your first