2 Min Tax Take - How to fill out form 1099-MISC

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hey my name is Brett her I'm an

instructor for overnight accounting comm

and I want to welcome you to our

two-minute tax take in this two-minute

tax take we are going to teach you how

to complete your forms 1099

miscellaneous and we are going to try to

do it in two minutes or less

let me set my watch here I have a bet

with Brad that I can not do this in two

minutes or less

Brad by the way is our producer he's

always saying I have too long-winded in

my videos so I'm gonna prove him wrong

in this one so are you ready I got my

watch set now and here we go okay part

number one what do you need to complete

form 1099 miscellaneous well of course

you're gonna need your form 1099

miscellaneous as you can see here that

is copy a you're also gonna need copy B