How To Get Your 10,000 STEPS A DAY The Easy Way | TOP 5 TIPS

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what is going on guys well here welcome

to another video and same to be talking

about steps so not that long ago I

posted a video of me walking twenty five

thousand steps a day for seven days and

the results in response from you guys

was absolutely amazing but you guys have

been asking me a lot of questions that

well I'm from Canada and when I go

outside for a walk I just get hit with

this or do you know what I get up at 6

a.m. every morning I get ready I commute

downtown for work I work a nine-to-five

desk job and by the time I get home at

his 8 o'clock at night I eat dinner and

I've absolutely no energy left to walk

so how the hell can I get my 10,000

steps in guys I got you covered I always

got you covered so in this video I'm

gonna give you five life hacks that you

can use to get your steps in on the DL