Can't Do 100 Push-Ups In A Row? Just Do THIS!

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the pushup is a very basic exercise and

almost anyone can perform them but I

remember when I was younger I couldn't

perform any at all it made me feel weak

now however I'm able to do a hundred

push-ups in under one minute and 15

seconds and I realized that it wasn't as

difficult to complete this challenge as

I did when I was younger whether your

goal is to hit 25 50 or 100 pushups

there are three things you need to do in

order to achieve those goals you have to

practice with correct form you have to

have a program to follow and you have to

use progressive overload we're also

going to add a few bonus tips at the end

so stay tuned throughout the video and

let's get started so correct form the

reason why it's important to perform the

exercise with correct form is because

you want your muscles to develop if you