How to Solve One-Step Equations | One-Step Equation Steps | Math with Mr. J

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welcome to math with mr. J in this video

we're going to discuss how to solve

one-step equations and as you can see

there are six problems on your screen

that we're going to go through in order

to get this down now up top I have a

hint we need to remember as we go

through these problems so we're going to

do the opposite or inverse operation of

whatever is being done to the variable

in order to get the variable by itself

now that may not make any sense at first

but as we go through these problems

you'll start to see what I mean by that

again main goal is getting the variable

by itself and just to reiterate inverse

means opposite it means to do the

opposite so addition the inverse would

be subtraction multiplication the

inverse would be division so let's jump

right into number one here and see how