From 0 to 5 Pullups in 22 Days (GUARANTEED!)

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What s up guys, Jeff Cavaliere, So,  the best part about today is that it s going to be  

the last day that you ever say, I can t do any  pullups because if you follow what I show you  

here today, I guarantee you re going to be able to  do at least three and most of you are going to be  

able to do up to five in just 22 days from now.  You see, we re following in the footsteps of our  

successful 22 Day Pullup Workout where lots of  people have been able to increase their pullup  

count by one and a half to up to two times. Now, I get it, a lot of people commented there,  

But Jeff two times zero is zero, even Jesse  know that math. But I can fix that for you  

here because, like we said, we re going to  get a progression from where you are now to  

where you re going to be and we re going  to include some all-important accessory  

work that s going to be the key to help you to  finally start repping out those pullups.  

So now mentioned some accessory work. Look,  I get that you can t do a pullup right now,  

so I can t just throw you to the wolves and have  you do a bunch of pullups. But what we re going  

to do is some modifications of them and we re  also going to focus on two areas that a lot of  

people tend to forget to do when they re trying  to increase their pullups. And that is your grip  

and of course your ab strength. Look, one of  the hardest things to do is just simply hang  

on a bar. And even if you can do that, is to  be able to hang on a bar with stability without  

rocking. The more of that rocking you do, the less  stability you have, the more difficult pullups  

become. But if we can get those things down, we  re going to make these things a lot easier.  

Now, the way these 22 days are going to be  broken down is into blocks. Each block consists  

of a starting testing day, following by three  consecutive non-testing days. And from there  

we re going to group them and perform five total  blocks, which leaves two days at the end, day 21