How to Get Your First One Handed Pushup | The Best Exercises

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what's up everybody Lucas here so the

one-handed push-up is a great display of

strength and coordination in this video

I'm going to talk about progression

exercises to help you develop that

strength and coordination for doing the

one-handed push-up I'm also going to

show you guys some secrets and the

proper technique for doing the

one-handed push-up watch this video by

the end of it

you'll be on your way to getting the

one-handed push-up impress your friends

press your mom breast your family

grandma but you gotta focus exercise

number one the slide pushup okay so

we're gonna do is gonna push up and

you're gonna slide one arm to the side

and back up slide up slide up slide up

slide oh my gosh my left sucks oh this

really helps isolate one arm without