Make Money Online with a Business Directory

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an interesting way to make money online

is to start a membership or directory

website it's got low startup costs and

it really has the potential to generate

years of relatively passive income so

I'm sure you've seen hundreds of

successful directories online like job

listing directories directories for

hotels classified ads travel directories

like TripAdvisor Yelp that's just a big

directory Airbnb is the same there's

thousands of directories out there so

businesses pay a fee to these

directories sometimes hundreds of

dollars a month to be included as it

provides visibility for their businesses

now it's actually very easy to set up a

directory there's some out-of-the-box

solutions now that you can get set up in

literally ten minutes we're going to

cover that in a second now keep in mind

you don't need to build to the size of

the outpour Airbnb to make money in fact

a smaller more localized or niche

directory is the best way to start so

why are directories a good business to

begin firstly when you start any

business you should always have your

exit strategy in mind so if your plan is

to sell your business in a few years a

business that has recurring revenue is

always going to sell for more money

recurring revenue is also the best way

to generate income because it eventually

builds up now with an online directory

you have businesses that pay you month

after month just for a listing

businesses need to advertise and they're

always looking for ways to find

customers most businesses today they

have no idea how to promote themselves

online most don't have the time to learn

internet marketing so if you're able to

help them with their online promotions

and their client generation and

acquisition they're gladly going to pay

you a monthly fee so let's say you build

a directory you've got a hundred

business listings that pay you ninety

nine dollars each a month that's ten

thousand dollars a month with almost

zero overhead just your costs for

hosting and you can make additional

revenue by selling banner ads on the

website if your online directory gets a

lot of traffic you can charge hundreds

of doll

month for banner ads that just rate

rotate around the site you've probably

seen them on a lot of other websites now

most of the out-of-the-box directories

they have these built-in banner ads or

just add-ons that's just a matter of

clicking a button and adding your

customers information you can also add

google adsense onto your web site so

Google will place contextual advertisers

on your page you get paid a portion of

the clicks from any of these links so

before you begin you need to do the

research on what niche is underserved

now there's some very hyper competitive

markets you may not want to go into when

you're first beginning these are lawyers

hotels travel restaurants doctors and

real estate and these segments are very

competitive and they're filled with

million-dollar companies you'd have to

compete against so not a good place to

start but segments within these markets

are possible so say for example instead

of a general Airbnb site what about a

local or regional directory so best

places to stay in Columbus or best

lawyers in Maine or even segmenting by

lawyers who handle a specific specialty

like fashion law I don't know offhand if

there's enough fashion law people to

warrant a directory but I'm just

throwing ideas out there now there's

thousands of possible directory topics

in hundreds of industries and more and

more people are searching online all the

time now the additional benefit of

having a very specific directory is that

when you're selling spots your potential

advertisers are much more compelled to

advertise so if I see a general lawyers

directory that really doesn't resonate

with me it's just a lawyer's directory

not a big deal now if I see Iowa lawyers

who handle medical malpractice and I'm

an Iowa lawyer who handles medical

malpractice that resonates with me now

the more specific your directory is the

easier it's going to be to find

advertisers so when you're selling

anything the more specific that

information is geared towards your

client the easier life is going to be

because it resonates a lot more with

them now when you're looking for clients

it's so easy today to find people you

can laser target your ideal clients on

LinkedIn you can just search by their

specialty and their location you can

contact them directly or you can just

place ads on LinkedIn now it's a good

idea when you first start off to add

some free listings get some reviews you

can pace for some small ads just to

incent the initial reviews you can then

start to SEO the pages and more specific

your niches again it's good because it's

easier to get indexed by Google so if

you have a directory that has say 50 or

60 medical malpractice lawyers in Iowa

Google is going to start to index you as

a quality website once your directory

starts to get traction you're going to

appear high in these searches and the

businesses are going to see you and

they're actually going to start calling

you to be included the first ones not so

much you have to go out there and you

have to get that business but once your

traction starts you're going to see in

Bound calls from people who see the

directory now some directories actually

charge per lead instead of a monthly fee

that's a lot easier to get clients

virtually everyone is going to sign on

because you're not asking for any

upfront money you'll say listen I'll

send you leads you agree upon an amount

and you just do that on a monthly basis

now depending on the industry some leads

can sell for as high as a hundred

dollars or more each now and we started

our directory we used a company that's

called brilliant directories it's an out

of the box solution

you basically just install it you set

the pricing and you're ready to go

customers they can click to choose their

plans it's all set up out of the box

that includes upgraded listings they can

have front page placement and all sorts

of additional upsells now if you have

the budget brilliant directories from

what we found is the easiest way to get

set up and they have thousands of

directory owners out there I'm going to

place a link in the description box to

brilliant directories you can actually

set up a free

rectory as a demo just to take a

test-drive now the paid version runs

about 145 dollars a month that includes

all your hosting upgrades security

upgrades and you can have up to a

hundred thousand members now if you lack

the budget there are also WordPress

directory options we found it was just

easier to not have to worry about all

the add-ons the hosting the security and

everything else now once you do get your

directory up you're going to need to do

the SEO the promotions incent reviews

this is where the work takes place at

the front end but like anything else

it's going to take some effort to make

money online or anywhere else please

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