What is a Business Continuity Plan? PM in Under 5

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in this video I want to answer the

question what is a business continuity

plan a business continuity plan is a

plan for how an organization can

continue to deliver its services through

a major disruption the business

continuity planning process involves

determining a range of threat scenarios

and then creating a plan and

documentation for how to maintain

business continuity through those

incidents often business continuity

means retrenching back to core services

and letting less important activities go

until we can fully recover the situation

the plan for recovering from a major

incident and returning to normal

operations is usually referred to as a

disaster recovery plan there are six

steps to developing a business

continuity plan step one is a business

impact analysis to identify the critical

business operations and processes and

the resources that support second we

identify the principal classes of threat

and the impacts that they may have on

our organization we often collate these

into a small number of archetypal

scenarios to assist us with later

training and testing of our business

continuity plan

then the third step we take action to

mitigate those risks now this is not

strictly part of business continuity

planning but I would consider it wise to

carry it out at this stage of the

business continuity planning process

step four is to create readiness plans

to maintain continuity in the face of

the threats that we've identified

typically these are threats to people to

physical infrastructure and to

technology and data step five is to

identify a core team of leaders that

will be the business continuity team we

need to conduct training to make tests

and exercises that will allow us to

evaluate our plans and to increase

preparedness and finally step six is to

maintain the plan and to keep it under

review as part of a continuous BCP

business continuity planning cycle

now here's a vital piece of advice that

I learned from a business continuity

planning expert many years ago it's no

good having a plan that exists only as a

set of documents stored in your offices

it has to be in the heads of that

business continuity planning business

continuity leadership team because what

happens if the threat the incident

denies access to the office what are you

going to do then if all of your plans

are in a document in the chief

executives office you're lost and if all

the plans are stored in servers and

those are lost then that's no better

either so the core of the plan has to

become ingrained in the thinking of the

leadership team so that they are able to

fall back and recover services quickly

and effectively without necessarily

having access to all the steps in the

plan that's been articulated as always

the value of planning is not the plan

itself it's the mindset that it creates

so business continuity plan is a plan to

manage the continued operation of your

business or the core elements of your

business during a major incident

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