How to Design a Business Card | Do's and Don'ts for Business Card Design

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there may not be a more powerful

marketing tool spanning the course of

decades than the business card it's up

to you to design them with intrigue



hello world

Mike poker here again with vis me the

reliable online design tool that is

changing the way we communicate believe

it or not cardstock still has a place in

the digital age

short millions of professionals now

network through linked in in various web

platforms but business cards are still

that old trusty friend that we can rely

on however with the increase of digital

networking has come increased pressure

to create a memorable business card

what's going to drive curiosity how can

a small maybe seven square inch card

persuade someone to explore an

individual or business further that's

where we come in and in this video I'll

share some tips to help you design the

perfect card for your business I'll also

share how bismi can help make the design

process easy

shall we before we dive into what to

include into your cards I first wanted

to discuss what not to do I can't stress

these enough so find a hammer and nail

these into your brain just not literally

of course first avoid boring simple yet

too often we see business cards with

plain text in no color like we have here

there's nothing to be desired black and

white same font throughout with the

exception of Stuart Hill photography

being bold there's quite a lot of

information in I'm likely forgetting who

Stuart is the first time I pull this

card out of my wallet but Kathy hers is

simple yet elegant it's a similar color

scheme of just black and white but uses

her KB logo front and center flip it

over and she includes just the pertinent

information needed with the touch of

design soon Stuart's card is in the

trash and Kathy has my business

moving on where do I begin with this

disaster first thing you notice is the

wolf okay maybe he works in wildlife

nope he's a software developer the wolf

has absolutely no place on this business

card it might have even taken you a

minute to find he's a software developer

that's because he has different font for

each line of text one part is even

sideways don't overdo it

Zach kept his pretty minimal which can

also be very effective if you want to be

creative that's great but keep it within

the lines of your brand including photos

in business cards is a common practice

and it's wise in order for a stranger to

remember who you are

with that said make sure you have a

professional photograph a photo from

your Facebook or your Instagram page

isn't meant for a business card

Frank's Halloween costume it looks great

but it doesn't exactly instill trust

Maria used a professional headshot for

her business card she appears friendly

and trusting and that's just what a home

buyer is looking for okay we just

touched on what not to do

and now let's discuss what to include in

your business card of course the most

important aspect is your content what

information should you include in your

car the basics include your name your

company's name your title a logo whether

your own your company's the best email

and phone number to reach you a website

URL and any social media profiles that

you want to push if you want to

differentiate yourself try these ideas a

QR code for people to scan a photo of

you as I have mentioned it call to

action a discount code as a type of

reward for meeting you or even a short

quote try to decide which of these you

feel are most important using all of

them would make for a very cluttered

business card so only try to pick out a

select few that you think will make the

biggest impact

all right it's time to go over some tips

on what to do when it comes to designing

your business car when you receive

someone else's business card how long do

you look at it maybe two seconds that's

how long you have to make a strong first

impression it's even more important to

impress someone if you didn't have the

chance to in conversation so make your

cards memorable you can do this with the

shape of your car diverting away from

these standard rectangle cards or if

that doesn't fit your style there's a

few other options the feel of your card

can make it unique in itself printing

with texture is a great way for carts to

stand out take a look at our example

first you have a standard everyday

business card or you can have a card

with a spot UV effect which makes the

design pop off the paper

it's everything that boring car isn't as

we've seen with some of our poor

examples already clutter is a problem

this card is another example five

different pictures multiple colors and

an entire paragraph of information

that's not okay the vitals of a business

card are your name title company and a

way to reach you that's it all the extra

stuff that I have already mentioned is

just extra fluff and should be carefully

considered if you're adding it to your

business card so wipe out that ugly card

and bring in a card with a more simple

approach name title address phone number

and a colorful image on the other side

to make it memorable channel your inner

minimalist don't get too fancy

each element in a car should be placed

with the purpose that purpose

maintaining balance take a look at this

poorly balanced business car the balance

seems okay at first glance until you

notice that his title and name is placed

right there in the middle slightly

off-center it's kind of like the

designer just slapped it there with his

eyes closed bring in the new example

where each element is strategically

placed and the balance is very easily

visible to the viewer as each piece of

text or image is properly aligned try

using a grid to help your alignment when

designing or just head on over to visit

me where the snap to objects tool makes

achieving balance a walk in the park

next it's time to think about what makes

you you

or maybe what makes your company unique

compared to other competitors then bring

that to life in your business card get

creative and don't think that any idea

is too far-fetched this designer made

mini yoga mats and even rolled them up

to sell their yoga services if you're a

photographer create a see-through card

that resembles a lens if you work in

beer create a card that doubles as a

bottle opener you can really take it as

far as you want there's no limit when it

comes to being creative with your

business cards card designing can

actually be a fun process but if you

want some help with your designs

check out PS print ROC design plasma

design or jukebox for some inspiration

now if you have an idea of what you want

and all you need to do is bring it all

together viz me has the tools to help

with several proven templates available

to use right now all you have to do is

plug in your information and transform

the colors to fit your brand each

template consists of two sides or slides

as you'll see them in the editor a two

sided card may be more pricey when it

comes to printing but being able to use

one side for design and the other for

information is well worth it as you

begin designing don't hesitate to come

up with a few different drafts you can

do so by duplicating aside than altering

whatever you'd like in the new slide

your original will still be there then

once you have a few ideas you really

like show them to your co-workers family

or friends obtain some feedback from

those you trust the most and if you

don't think they'll provide an unbiased

opinion try asking strangers after all

that's who you'll likely be giving the

cards to anyway if you're not sold on

how viz me can help watch this video

it's under a minute and can show you

exactly how viz me services can help you

create a one-of-a-kind business card

when it comes time to print you can

print your business cards at home but we

don't recommend it your best options are

either going to a local printer or

finding a printer service online if you

want to support local business or want

the reassurance of what your card will

look and feel like find a local printing

service you can provide the design on a

PDF file and express how you're looking

for the perfect card the shop should

have a handful of options of cardstock

from different thickness two types of

finish whether matte or glossy the

employees at the shop should be able to

lay out what prices will be for

different products sent up to you to

decide what matches your brand and style

but also fits in your budget

or another option is you can stay right

where you are in order from the comfort

of your own chair three reliable options

for online printing are vistaprint PS

print and mu PS print offers cards and

special shapes and sizes while

Vistaprint and mu allow you to choose

the texture and finish that you're

hoping for each website will of course

provide a different price estimate so

try each one and see what fits best in

your budgets printing hundreds of

business cards is nothing to take

lightly that's likely why you're here

watching me in the first place so do

your research when finding the printing

service that's best for your card ladies

and gentlemen that is all I have now

it's time for you to activate those

creative juices and bring your ideas to

life in the form of a handheld business


remember Disney has all the tools for

making designing easy you can hop right

into the Builder and implement whatever

colors logos graphics icons text

directly into your business card it's

just a few clicks away right now at viz

meet see oh thank you so much for

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now Mike plugger with viz me helping you

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