The 7 Best Ways to Create a Burning Desire for Success

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hi it's Paul here from self out for life

comm and today I'm going to cover the

seven best ways to create a burning

desire for success now success gurus out

there tell you that you have to have a

burning desire you absolutely must have

it but very few tell you how to develop

it if you don't have it and this has

really bugged me for years and I was

determined to find out whether a desire

for success is a learn above skill or

not and I discovered two things firstly

I discovered that yes it is a learnable

skill and the second thing I discovered

which is probably more important is that

you need to fuel that desire that

burning desire so successful people do

this consciously or unconsciously but

they're always doing things that are

going to add fuel to that desire to keep

it burning now this is what normally

tends to happen you come up with a new


maybe it's losing weight or gaining

muscle or maybe it's a new career or

business direction or maybe it's a new

hobby and it's exciting because it's new

and you're enjoying the learning side of

it so you have that initial inspiration

that's very automatic but then over time

that starts to fade and what you need to

continue with that long term is to have

that desire that burning desire now why

is that because over time you're going

to hit some obstacles and if you don't

have enough desire those obstacles will

cause you to either quit or be

inconsistent with the activity necessary

to achieve that success so what is a

desire for success well I believe it's

important that you need to know what it

is and most importantly what it feels

like so a desire for success that

burning desire is when you are a hundred

percent committed to achieving that goal

it's when you're going from hoping to

knowing it's when you want it so badly

that quitting is not an option it's when

you will do whatever it takes to achieve

that goal and it's when you will find a

way or make away and it's when you're

obsessing about it so much in your

on a daily basis that you're in your

mind seen that goal already happening

and when you're doing all those things

that's creating Drive that's really the

output of a desire for success is that

continual drive so ask yourself now am I

really driven towards the goal that I

want to achieve so I'm now going to

cover the 7 best ways to create a

burning desire for success so that you

can achieve your goals and achieve the

life of your dreams so the first way is

to have a very specific goal so ask

yourself what do I want to achieve when

do I want to achieve it by where do I

want to be when I achieve that goal why

do I want to achieve the goal how am I

going to achieve it and with whom am I

going to achieve it with so these might

not always be relevant to every goal but

definitely focus on these six questions

so that's what when where why how and

with whom so let's let me give you a

couple of examples now so here's a

business example let's say you have an

online business and your goal is you

want to make $5,000 a month so to make

that specific I'm going to say $5,000

per month

passive income so I want it to be

passive income rather than active income

I only want to work 20 hours a week on

the business and I want to achieve that

by the end of 2020 okay so that is a

very specific business goal for a

weight-loss example it could be well how

much weight do I want to lose but being

really specific how much body fat or

what body fat percentage maybe you want

to also gain muscle at the same time so

how much or what percentage do you want

that to be muscle muscle weight as

opposed to body fat weight things like

that and also when you want to achieve

it by so is it within the next three

months six months that kind of thing so

with whatever goal is be as specific as

you can however don't get too

perfectionistic about this to start with

the main thing is that you have the goal

you write the goal down and then over

time you can start to add the details as

they become more apparent over

time and the next thing that's really

important is to have a game plan so

besides setting the goal set yourself up

with a plan now again you may not know

exactly how you're going to achieve that

goal right away but just start with some

steps and again you can develop that

over time so it doesn't have to be too

precise but it's important that you have

a game plan so people that have a really

strong desire for success they're always

setting goals and they always have a

game plan and the more specific you can

be the higher your desire will be so

again keep developing over time and

notice how that desire for success can

increase so the second way is to focus

on your goals daily when you do this

this really adds fuel to your desire so

a bit like you need fuel to keep a fire

burning you need to do things on a daily

basis to keep fueling that burning

desire and one of the best things you

can do is review and focus on your goals

daily now successful people do this they

may do it consciously they may do it

unconsciously and a great way of how

people do this unconsciously is falling

in love so think about what it's like

when you fall in love you're constantly

thinking about that other person it's

very much in the forefront of your mind

and the more that you think about that

person the more that you get those

feelings of love and they get stronger

and stronger and that is kind of a form

of desire in a way it's a different kind

of desire but it's still a burning

desire and people who stay in love do

that because they keep thinking about

the other person over time you know over

years over decades and that's how they

continue to stay in love and sometimes

the people that that seem to fall out of

love is it's because they stop thinking

about the person and they stop caring so

if you've ever been in the experience of

being in love where you're in love

already you can use that experience to

help you have a burning desire in other

areas of your life now there's many ways

to focus on your goals daily the most

simplest way is to read out your goals

out loud another way is to create and

read positive affirmations that are

relevant to your goals that's a good one

to do another great way is to visualize

having a

she've the goal in great detail so again

details really important here so making

the image is really big really bright

really vivid really colorful in three

dimensions panoramic and animated and

make sure that you're visualizing

through your own eyes rather than seeing

yourself in the image and you could

listen to inspiring music while you're

doing that add an extra effect to it you

could use a vision board that's another

way of doing it so this is where you

have a board and you post images of the

goals and what you want to achieve and

look at that daily you could put

screensavers on your computer or on your

mobile phone now so they're all great

ways now whatever way you use whether

it's visualization or vision boards or

repeating affirmations what is really

key is incorporating feelings so when

you're doing that really start to

experience the feelings okay that's

really important because your

subconscious mind picks up very much on

feelings and that will help you help

your unconscious mind really start to

believe that you already have that goal

so feelings is super important

make sure you incorporate feelings when

you focus on your goals daily so the

third way is to know what you're willing

to give or sacrifice so you might need

to give time effort money study or

learning to help you achieve this goal

or it might be a combination of all of

those things it might be you need to let

go or give up a few things such as time

with friends or nights in front of the

TV to help you achieve that goal so it's

important that you know what you're

willing to give or sacrifice to do that

if it's a business goal also focus on

what you're going to give to other

people because the more value you can

give to other people the more successful

you'll tend to be in the long term and I

think that's a good one as well because

it can get you out of your own head if

you're thinking more about how you're

helping other people then you're not

thinking so much about the time and

effort that you're putting into it the

next one number four is to take

immediate action I have found this to be

really important for me I find that when


taking action consistently I continue to

fuel that desire for success when I take

a few days off I start to see doubts

coming in in my mind and that fear seems

to drop and I feel less motivated so if

it's a new goal ask yourself what is the

first obvious step what's the first

obvious thing I need to do so here's

some examples if it was an online

business then the first obvious step

would be to decide and buy your domain

name for your website if you're looking

to lose weight then the first obvious

step would be to go into the fridge and

clear out all the junk food and any

foods that are going to not help you

lose weight if you were to wanted to

change your career then the first

obvious step it's probably going to be

to update your CV or resume a or maybe

research some courses that you might

need to do to gain a new skill

now you could spend three or four hours

coming up with a grand plan of how

you're going to achieve this goal but

instead I recommend that you you

actually perform an act on the very

first step do that first and then you

create your plan because that will help

you create and maintain that burning

desire so the fifth way is to make the

pleasure outweigh the pain so what you

want to do here is focus more on what

you want and the benefits of achieving

this goal and less on the effort time

and maybe money involved because when

you focus more on the pleasure that will

help fuel that desire for success when

you begin to focus more on the pain and

the work involved that's when

procrastination sets in motivation

reduces then you start taking less

action and as we already know when you

take less action that desire for success

starts to fade so it's really important

that you keep focusing on the benefits

what you want that will help feel your

desire for success so number six is to

replace negative energy with positive

energy now I don't know about you but it

can be very hard to stay motivated and

positive when there's lots of negative

sources of energy around and these can

include the news so whether you're

reading the news

online or watching it on TV so instead

watch educational programs instead it

could be negative people now sometimes

it's hard to to keep those people out of

your life if they're family or close

friends but see what you can do to try

and minimize that as much as you can

it could be watching horror movies or

reading horror books now for some people

that can leave you in quite a negative

state so if that's the case for you

maybe avoid that for a while it could be

simple things like having a clean and

tidy desk with no distractions so it's

easy to get on with things

it could be laughing moreso watching

funny programs on TV or watching funny

YouTube videos just to give you that

nice positive feeling and I'd like you

to think about are you achieving things

to be happy or are you happily achieving

this was a nice idea that I came across

from Steve Pavlina

so most people in the world feel that

they must achieve things to be happy you

know I will be happy when but what would

it be like to actually be happy during

the process so to be happily achieving

rather than must achieve to be happy now

number seven and I've left this one

deliberately to last because I feel this

is the kind of last resort method to

create a burning desire and that is to

burn the boats so what does this mean

okay so let me give you a little bit

history to help you with this

so back in 1519 Hernan Cortes led 600

Spaniards in 11 boats to Mexico and his

goal was to capture the magnificent

treasure that was believed to be held in

Mexico and upon arrival Quarters ordered

the ships to be burnt and destroyed now

why did he do that because this meant

now that him and all his troops all his

soldiers either were going to win or

they would perish so they had a much

higher burning desire to win because

their whole life was at stake and two

years later they had conquered Mexico

so the

burning boats metaphor or story there

really represents a point of no return

it's a psychological commitment that you

have crossed a line and you're never

going to go back okay now in today's

modern world we don't need to do

something as Extreme as that which is

really a life-or-death situation but

there are some things that we can do

that can really help you with this and

the trick here is that there's no

hedging there's no looking back over

your shoulder everything now all your

thoughts and efforts are now directed

towards achieving this goal because

there's no way you can go back you've

crossed that point of no return

now I deliberately left this one to last

because it is the hardest one to achieve

and I recommend you work on the others

first but if this is what you need to

get yourself going

then this is great so some of the ways

you can burn your bridges in the modern

world where it's not a life-or-death

situation so one way is to make your

goals public okay so you can do that by

telling your friends have an

accountability buddy accountability

partner or you could post them on social

media that then gives a psychological

commitment because you've told someone

else and they're accountable and you're

going to feel bad if you fail to achieve

your goals because you're going to have

to tell them why okay so that is a very

good psychological way of burning your

bridges another way if you've got a

business goal and at some point in the

future your plan is that you're going to

quit your day job then you could write a

resignation letter give it to a friend

and get them to post it or email it to

your manager on a specific date okay

that point of no return that means

you've got to be at a point where you

can be full-time by that date you could

place a bet okay a bet on someone so

that you will be financially worse off

if you don't achieve that goal that is

another great way of burning your

bridges so that's probably the most

effective one but it's also the most

risky in a way it can be certainly so

I've left that one to last but if that's

what it needs if that's what it needs

for you to achieve that goal and give

you that burning desire then that's a

really really effective way to do it so

doing these seven things well

you have real faith in your plans it

will help you create a greater belief in

achieving your dreams and also most

importantly it's going to allow you to

create and maintain that burning desire

for success so I hope you enjoyed this

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