Creating an ONLINE BROWSER GAME - HTML, CSS, and JavaScript!

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what is going on guys welcome back to my

channel so I am super excited about this

new series obviously you guys already

know what it is or what it's going to be

about just because of the title which I

don't know what it's going to be yet but

I'm sure it's good so I've been working

on this brand new MMORPG it's not really

brand new it's actually been in the

works for a long time but I started

working with the creator of the game and

we kind of like completely started it

over from scratch and it's like super

cool now we've been working on it for

like six months so this is the actual

game here and it's it's like pretty

basic right now just in terms of what

you can do just because I haven't gotten

into I mean it takes time that's the

problem it's just like a long time to

get things working like at least like a

few weeks for each version and each

version we try to push out like new

skills and like just other things to do

for the players but like I said it's

like pretty basic right now so we're

still technically in beta and we're just

trying to get out of that beta stage

which I hope we can do over the course

you know over the next few months

hopefully but yeah it's like a medieval

like text-based kind of game and yeah I

mean you've got like a bunch of

different skills you can mine or and

then you know create gear forging and

stuff like that but the real idea behind

this series is to actually just walk you

guys through what I do on a like a daily

basis pretty much and just show you how

to do stuff I mean like how to build

this because I coded all this from

scratch I'm not using any frameworks or

anything besides jQuery which is like

very very small amount of jQuery I don't

use jQuery for any of the animations or

anything like that so yeah you guys want

to see how I'm doing all this stuff

basically I'm going to be working on

this illustrator so I for this new

version that we're working on I

literally just wanted to start from

scratch for the UI so a lot of this UI

in here right now was from the previous

version and we're kind of just building

off of that but for this new version

we're kind of switching over from a

multi page to a single page application

so I wanted to design

a new UI that would reflect that new

single page style so I basically built

this whole new UI to kind of incorporate

all the stuff that we need and I got a

little anxious I was going to wait to

start actually building this until I

started this series but I got a little

anxious today I like I was at the

airport for like two hours

and I just wanted something to do so I

started working on it so I have a little

preview that's what this other tab is so

this is what I started already and most

of its just pretty much static HTML but

I was working on some fancy animations

on these buttons and I haven't gotten

into any JavaScript yet this is like

just you know messing around with CSS

transitions but yeah so this is like the

actual code that I have written so far

it was like a lot of CSS in this so far

because I actually I set up all the

media queries to for for mobile so if we

actually you know take this into mobile

you can see when you shrink it down or

you know make it bigger shrink it down

it'll kind of adjust itself and I

usually just work up to like 350 pixels

is like what I'm trying to get it to

look good on so there's a little bit of

overlap but I think that looks kind of

kind of good there I'm like terrible at

UI design normally I have to like look

at a lot of other references to get good

ideas which sucks because I would love

to be better at UI but in any case I do

the best I can so yeah this is what the

new site is going to look like and it's

going to be pretty sweet so anyways it's

just an introduction video so I'm not

actually going over anything for this

video but guys stay tuned if you're

watching this which most of you are

probably watching this there's already a

ton of these videos out so yeah keep

watching it's going to be super cool and

you know that we're not going to be

covering anything like specific in each

video it's not really a tutorial per se

it's more just a cool thing for you know

if you want to get into programming for

you to follow along and like just you

know see how the process works I feel

like a lot of people don't do this and I

really want to for you guys so you can

you know learn the best coding practices

and like just get yourself off the

ground like right away and you don't

have to worry about you know spend

all these times watching tutorials and

other things you can kind of just follow

the series and get an idea of how things

are actually built so be sure to stick

around make sure to subscribe to my

channel so you don't miss any videos

I'll have a link at the end of the video

for you to subscribe it might be on here

already up in the corner left corner

maybe alright guys I will see you in the

next video