How To Do A British Accent FAST

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all right so let's learn ourselves some

accents the accent we're gonna be

working on in learning today is a

British accent this is gonna be a video

on how to get a British accent fast this

video is gonna be a great stepping stone

on getting you a few key points that'll

at least help you sound a little bit

more British instead of going to an

audition or trying to do a character

with a British accent and sounding like

an actor trying to do a British accent

instead of sounding like a person who

can actually just do somewhat of a

British accent so this is a video that's

gonna try and help you guys and it's a

quick video a quick fix to try and in

order to get this British accent so the

first thing that I want to talk about

that's gonna help you tremendously it's

changing your age instead of going at

we're gonna have more of an all sound so

instead of saying fast it'll be fast

instead of saying that it'll be bop you

switch the AH to an all sound this way

when you're talking you won't sound as

American because Americans are so crazy

on using their as sounds that when you

have the British it's more off it's a

little bit more rounder every sound

we're at is a little bit more of a

harsher sound you could say next is

we're gonna be looking and working on

our arse now you don't want your arse to

be super strong and what I mean by that

is um you don't want to go better you

want to go better it's so instead of it

going oh it's earth so instead of same

third it be third you just want to think

about the are not being as hard as you

would normally maybe do it and a great

example I think this is with the example

of the word third instead of going third

you say third some people already

naturally do this in America and then

there's others that don't naturally do

this at all but if you can incorporate

the A's and you can also incorporate the

are is doing it in a British way instead

of in Amer

way that's gonna benefit you

tremendously last one hopefully help you

is to work on your letter T's now for

T's you want to make sure that you don't

switch your T's into D's instead of

saying better you'd say better you hear

the t's let me put in there so you want

to have the t's come out and become

pronounced compared to them changing

into DS which sometimes Americans we

naturally do that so this is a quick

video like I said you're gonna need to

incorporate those A's those ours and

those T's other people are gonna say it

textbooks are gonna say it but this is

gonna be a quick fix that if you want

people to believe that you have the

accent it's an easy way to do it the

rest of the studying for to get the

accent all that is that's just extra

work to help you improve it even more

just like I always say in all my videos

you can constantly keep learning

learning and learn so after this video

keep continuing to learn but if you want

to think having this British accent and

how people believe it it's your accent

change your eyes change your eyes change

your t's so I hope you guys have a great

day go ahead and subscribe to this

channel so you can be up to date with

everything and I will see you all next

time bye bye