Learn to Remember by Dominic O'Brien - Ways to Improve Your Memory ► Animated Book Summary

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while and memory techniques when we can

just write stuff down on our phone well

they can help you remember names and

faces in social situations recall your

credit card number if you lose it and

embed ridiculous amounts of information

deeply into your mind to help you pass

your exam before we get into it if you

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lesson 1 the 3 principles for amazing

memory the first principle is

imagination according to Aristotle

memory and imagination are strongly

linked imagination uses both sides of

the brain which will improve your memory

incorporating the five senses into your

visualizations will help the three

strongest memory senses are vision sound

and smell sensual experiences aren't

always enough and require imagination

the more bizarre and images the more

retrievable it will be think about it

what are you more likely to remember a

rainbow horse with a jetpack on its back

or an ordinary horse the second

principle is Association Association is

a mental link between two different

things for example you walk back to work

at lunchtime and you see a mail van pass

by the van sparks your memory that you

had to mail a birthday letter to your

mother many associations occur naturally

and spontaneously for example we often

associate glasses with intelligence

because of its association with reading

you can consciously make associations to

boost your memory power for example

let's say I meet a girl called Ruby

Smith to remember her name

I could associate Ruby with her ruby

colored hair and Smith with her nose

that looks like mr. Smith the next time

I see Ruby I'll be able to recall her

name when I see her ruby colored hair

and her mr. Smithers nose it can be

difficult to make associations depending

on the net but try your best and get

creative the third principle is location

Dominic attributes his success in the

world memory championships to this

principle what do you do when you lose

your keys

most people will retrace their steps an

example of using the art of location

studies show that people who have spent

the day traveling are especially

accurate in recalling the sequence of

the events in the day the locations we

find ourselves in serves as a mental

framework that helps us remember lesson

two for powerful memory techniques the

first technique in mnemonics a mnemonic

is a device that helps us to remember

something word based mnemonics like

acronyms and rhymes are a common way to

help recall information although it has

been criticized as a technique that

doesn't help you understand the

information you're memorizing however it

can come in handy for exams I had a

marketing exam last week and I used an

acronym to remember the five laws of

shopping palms purchase goals

availability limited time many short

trips and selective purchasing rhymes

are another type of mnemonic a common

one to remember is how many days there

are in each month it goes like this

30 days have September April June and


all the rest have 31 except February my

dear son it has 28 and that is fine but

in a leap year it has 29 the second

technique is the story method I have a

list of five items a backpack a diamond

a banana a basketball and a bowling ball

the idea is to form a story that links

together each item make your story

interesting by using your imagination to

link the first two items backpack and

diamond you could say I was searching

through my smelly backpack to find my

dazzling diamond ring by making items

more vivid and imagining sounds and

smells items make the more you will

cement them into your mind technique

number three the low key method this is

perhaps the most powerful technique

because it combines the three major

principles of memory imagination

Association and location the method is

based on a familiar mental route or a

memory palace that includes a number of

stages to act as anchors for the items

we need to remember

golfers often use this method without

realizing when they recount their

stories of every hole they played a golf

course has 18 holes or stages and the

layer of the course is deeply ingrained

in their minds as they tell their story

they imagine themselves going on a

journey from hole to hole and recalling

the particular shot they did whether

you're a golfer or not here's how you

can do it take this list again now

imagine a familiar route you take in

real life for example I can vividly

remember the journey I took through my

school when I was younger this is my

memory palace in the morning I'd walk

past the gate into the classroom and go

to the playground for recess

that's three stages in the journey that

I could anchor an item to I could

imagine bumping into the school gate and

everything spilling out of my smelly

backpack next I find a dazzling diamond

ring on my desk that my secret lover put

there for me lastly I run to the

playground and accidentally slip on a

moldy banana peel and bumped my head and

now for the most powerful technique the

Domenic system this system can be

extremely effective when it comes to

recalling large numbers or memorizing a

deck of randomly shuffled playing cards

this system works by seeing numbers as

images because images are easier to

remember images of people work best

assign a letter to each number from 0 to

9 1 is a 2 s B 3 s C etc it's often

better to mix logical connections with

creative ones for example 0 could

represent o because they look the same

now group the numbers into pairs all the

way up to 99 these pairs are then used

to create the initials of people's names

using the number and letter pairs we

created in the case of memorizing

randomly shovelled playing cards we

convert spades 2's hearts to H clubs to

C and diamonds to D we then convert the

card number to its own letter as we did

before a 2 of clubs would become BC or

Bill Clinton a 10 of diamonds would

become a OD or the amazing One Direction

now combine this system with the loci

and story methods

place each character at a stage in your

memory palace and make a story out of it

this is an incredibly powerful way to

boost your memory capacity that dominant

used to recall 412 playing cards at the

world memory championships to summarize

we learned about the three principles

for amazing memory including imagination

Association and location we also learnt

about four powerful memory techniques

including mnemonics the story method the

loci method and the Dominic system in

the next video you'll learn how to

master the distraction and get the right

things done that rounds it up thanks for

watching and have an awesome day