How to Get Along Better with Your Cat - 10 TIPS

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adopting a cat can be an incredibly

rewarding experience but it's not always

the easiest process these 10 tips will

help you to get along better with your

cat so keep watching to find out


kittens and young cats are especially

active and it is completely normal they

will get up to mischief such as

scratching furniture jumping encounters

and even biting we need to be patient

and understand that these behaviors are

species specific and it is only through

positive reinforcement we can

appropriately redirect their behavior

into less destructive habits we must

avoid punishment such as scolding or

hitting altogether as it only causes

mistress stress and / bond


when a human and a cat have a per bond

it is inadvisable to look at them

intensely for any length of time felines

can interpret this behavior as negative

or even inseminating this leads to

distrust and may even result in

aggressive reactions


contrary to the popular belief that cats

are not affectionate animals the truth

is they love to receive attention and

affection especially three games however

we too often play with our cats

incorrectly which can lead to unwanted

behavior in the long term specifically

we too often use our hands or feet to

play with our cats leading to biting and

scratching ideally it is better to play

with cats using toys reserved using our

hands for petting and affectionate

interaction this is especially important

when we have children in the home cats

are very independent animals but they

can also be quite fearful if they feel

trapped they will flee by any means


this is why you should never corner your

cat or block their way it can annoy and

even frighten the cat and if your cat

runs away when you want to pet them you

should exercise patience and wait until

they approach you


imagine you're sleeping peacefully and

suddenly something agitatedly Wikia it's

uncomfortable isn't it your cat will

feel the same so you shouldn't wake them

up simply because you want to play with


cats spend most of the day sleeping and

not getting enough rest firstly affects

their well-being but can also lead to

your cat presenting you using the litter

box is an important part of a cat's

routine and they shouldn't be disturbed

this is because when a cat relieves

themselves they tend to feel vulnerable

and will remain in a state of alert

against possible threat this makes them

more easily frightened by movement and

noise if the animal is frequently

disturbed in their litter box they may

even stop using it all together and look

to somewhere else in the house to

urinate and defecate in peace

a cat Steele plays a much greater rule

than mere aesthetics it helps them to

maintain balance and communicate with

others no matter how funny you might

think it is

you should never tug on a cat's tail

it's not only very annoying but it can

cause them harm this also applies to

their whiskers and other more private

parts of their body


you may have seen that cats hold their

kittens in their mouths by the excess

skin located at the back of their neck

beware as this is not a practice that

felines like especially when they are an

adult they can't control their movement

and will feel threatened if you must

lift up your cat do so in a way that

their legs are protected and support in

a way they are not dangling in the air

to get along with your cat it is

essential we understand the following

cats or animals have routine and they

hate to do anything against their will

this is why it is so important we follow

a consistent schedule for feeding plane

and other activities we must also try to

avoid hugging or playing with them if

they clearly show they don't want to

doing so will likely result in a scratch

and finally we come to the most

important point we need to learn more

about feline body language and

communication I can't move in there till

like a whip does not indicate the cat is

happy on the contrary it shows there on

the verge of attack and a bite or

scratch is coming our way if we don't

stop bothering them it is the small

details like bees which many tutors

misinterpret leading them to believe

their cat attacks them for no reason or

that they have some personal problem

that against them know that you know our

top 10 tips for getting along better

with your cat let us know what you would

add leave us your comments below and

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