Creating Your 5 Year Blog Strategy: Plan for New Bloggers (2020 Edition)

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close your eyes and imagine where it is

your block will be in five years

the trick to getting from point A to

point B is having a very specific plan

laid out for yourself nobody decides to

become a doctor and then just kind of

starts going to college and then never

really knows what it is they're supposed

to do they have everything very clearly

planned out I need so many years of

undergrad so many years of medical

school and then so many years of a

residency now I am NOT saying that

blogging is even remotely on the same

plane as becoming a doctor but if you

are going to be running a blogging

business which is what we teach here on

this channel then you have to be

treating it like a business and no

business gets started without a

strategic plan or at the very least no

business becomes successful without a

strategic plan so in this video I'm

going to be showing you exactly what I


anytime I am getting ready to start a

website in creating a very clear plan

that has both a main goal and then also

one and five year goals so that you have

everything laid out for yourself and you

have very clear goals to reach at

different points throughout your

blogging business career hey really

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over to blog a new ENCOM and join before

this enrollment period ends on April

30th 2020 okay now back to the video so

the first thing that I like to do is

head on over to Google Drive and just

start a new Google Doc honestly you can

just pick up a scrap of paper if you

want to start with that but this gives

me a place to go where it's constantly

saved I'll start my document by just

typing in my domain the new one that

I've gotten into whatever it is in this

example we'll pretend this is not my

website by any means that we're doing

frugal paleo family com

so I'm going to start by asking myself a

couple of questions and once I have the

answers to these questions that's going

to help me kind of move on to my main

goal and I one year plan and MiFi

your plan being able to answer all of

these questions really helps because it

tells you okay what is my actual goal

and what are some of the tiny little

details that I need to keep in mind to

actually accomplish any of these goals

so the first question we're going to

answer is what am i creating and in this

part we're really talking about the

website as a whole what type of resource

are you creating what exactly is that

resource that does that resource teach

and things like that

now in the next section we're going to

be talking about your target audience

which is just simply the specific set of

people with defining characteristics

that you are targeting with your content

so in this example it's a good reminder

to tell yourself you know what I don't

want to use expensive paleo ingredients

because the exact target audience that

I'm trying to reach is somebody who's on

a really tight budget now what we answer

in this third question is something

that's a little more specific so you

know you want to be a frugal paleo

blogger but get a little more detailed

here talk about what exactly your

content would kind of fall under are

these recipes tutorials things like that

now this next question is pretty

straightforward your answer will be

pretty quick how exactly you're going to

teach them what type of content are you

going to provide blog posts videos

freebies emails etc with the next

question we're going to talk about where

they're going to find all that kind of

information so you're going to talk

about your website YouTube Instagram

emails and that brings us to our last

question which is how will you

financially support this type of website

so think of the different ways you can

make money and even think of some of the

different product ideas that you could

potentially have now that we've answered

all of these questions we can move on to

creating our main goals so we're going

to create a main goal and then a one in

five year goal so we're going to start

by creating the main goal and this is

just the overarching idea this is your

dream big description of exactly what it

is you want to create you want to create

a blogging business that's worthy of

your time and worthy of your

intelligence you're going to be working

hard so you really want to build

something that's substantial but then

can also teach people a lot of great new

things help them grow and then also

financially support you so what type of

resource are you creating within this

blogging business take a look at these

questions this helps you create this

overarching goal now what I actually

like to do after this is move on to my

five-year goals so I create the main

goal first then the five-year goals then

the one-year goals and the reason I do

this is because I like to see the really

big picture the main goal then I like to

break it down into bite-sized pieces

into the five year goal and then I break

it down even more into the one year goal

and this kind of helps me break all of

these goals apart so that I can look at

them in bite-sized pieces and kind of

give myself a bit of a guideline hey

here's where I'm supposed to be in one

year and then as I look at the next year

after that I can say okay if I want to

get you know one year closer to my

five-year goals I need to be

accomplishing this and so creating these

little bite-sized pieces are a lot

better so move on to your 5-year goals

next when I've drum up my five-year

goals I like to hope for the best and

kind of plan for the worst so what's the

bare minimum that I'm willing to do it's

great to dream big but in these

five-year goals you kind of want to

dream with a combination of big and also

realistic so what does your website look

like what does your email list look like

how will you be making money and what

kind of money will you be making now

when you get to these specific figures

especially the money part it's important

to ask yourself you know am i saving

money by being able to stay at home and

no longer having to pay for daycare and

so I can afford to make maybe slightly

less how much do I really have to make a

good starting point for this is if you

started a blog would you be content

enough to just make minimum wage times

40 hours a week times 50 working weeks

in a year is that enough for you if

that's not adjust it is there a specific

number that you're shooting for are you

hoping to travel more and that's going

to require a specific number this option

right here at the bottom is

really flexible and entirely up to you

so dream big but also be slightly

realistic as well

don't put 500,000 there then we're gonna

move on to the one-year goals and so I

like to kind of break it down and say

alright so if in five years I want to do

this if I break it down into five what

do I have to do well that's a minimum of

you know about maybe twenty-five

twenty-six blog posts I need a couple

subscriber incentives to get those

people on my list and I really want to

make money selling products and not just

from ads so I need to start thinking of

product ideas and getting people on my

list and I also kind of want to have a

social media page and when it comes to

money I want to make my first what

hundred dollars $500 $1,000 again the

higher this number is the harder you're

gonna have to work so ask yourself how

many hours can you work each week and

put a realistic number there thanks so

much for watching you guys leave a

comment down below let me know what your

goals are if I get a sneak peak into

what it is you're really rooting for

then I know exactly what kind of content

I can create to really give you the best

boost to find success thanks so much for

watching as always I'm Alison Lindstrom

and I will see you next time