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productivity Arata first of all why do

we need the habit of studying every day

this is especially important for those

who want to study but feel sometimes it

can be quite hard to keep a study

schedule so maybe you need to study on a

daily basis but you'll end up forgetting

all sometimes you are in such a rush

that suddenly it is time to go to sleep

already and you didn't find a moment to

study maybe you felt lazy or somebody

else invited you to go to some type of

event and you were thinking that you

could study once you would return home

and you didn't if any of these scenarios

describe your study life then then you

may be already in the group of people

who need to develop the habit of daily

study and the reason is hadith is

necessary because our willpower is

limited willpower is a scarce resource

people who get all hyped up for a short

period of time and then give up and go

onto the next shiny object or right in

front to them I already know this the

problem is not having initial enthusiasm

that is something that you already have

the problem is maintaining that

enthusiasm over time our hectic

lifestyles make us postpone our desired

tasks for later in this case we think

that we will study later but that never


in addition to this busyness there are

also moments when we just cannot convert

the energy to get things done and then

we procrastinate some days we

experienced some sort of frustration a

stressful webisode that depletes us

emotionally these things also deplete

our motivation to study the bottom line

is that different external factors rush

laziness stress all of them end up

consuming our willpower there is even a

research study that reports the

following scientists called participants

to solve some logical reasoning

exercises and an experimental room had

that delicious Mel of cookies that had

just been come out of the oven and there

was a jar of those cookies on the table

half of the participants were allowed to

eat them delicious cookies from the jar

and the other half we're told not to eat

them and they were given radish to

nibble instead and the result is that

the group that had to waste to expend

willpower not to eat the cookies had no

willpower to participate in the exam for

a long period of time on average they

gave up on their problem-solving only

after eight minutes

they couldn't concentrate more than that

but those who are allowed to eat the

cookies they spent about 90 minutes

doing all different types of problems

before giving up that is perseverance

was higher in the group that did not

waste willpower on having to hold off

eating the cookies in front of them you

may remember from episode 39 by going to

a lot about se /hello 39 that

perseverance is a key element for all

those who want to study and learn when

you spend your willpower elsewhere it is

more difficult to study for teaching

purposes you can imagine that every day

you wake up with a little bucket full of

willpower and then the events of your

day will determine how quickly these

little bucket empties suppose you go to

sleep and the next day the bucket has

refilled but some days all certain weeks

can go by and bucket will remain quite

empty that is why you see some people

who diet and they do manage to lose

weight because of their willpower but

some accident happens in the family or

they go through a breakup or experience

some professional frustration what

happens that person loses self control

and may go back to the bad eating habits

he or she will get that again

willpower has been exhausted that little

bucket was empty when you create habits

you don't need to spend willpower to

really form a habit you need to download

and read the e-book that I wrote for you

at our advocacy /ii book habits and take

note the most important tip of all is to

prioritize do you eat every day you

sleep everyday we brush your teeth every

day see these things and

optional these are things you always do

regardless of the weather of being busy

or be happy being sad you have to

elevate your study to the same priority

level so no matter what happens you will

study that's it period this is

non-negotiable listen if you do not

prioritize there will always have some

excuse for not study there will always

be some change of plans someone else

will always come to you to ask something

there will always be some unexpected

event isn't it funny that these

unexpected events actually are to be

expected that's it

subtitle without prioritizing you will

always be distracted by these unexpected

events how can we protect ourselves

against this unexpected by prioritizing

during study time you are making the

study your top priority if the phone

rings don't answer it might be that sexy

date calling you irrelevant you might be

some TV show calling you to give you

free money you're not interested

by the way turn off the phone nothing

else matters because you are in your

precious study session everybody else

will wait is someone in your house says

something to you or cause you to see

something interesting on television do

not answer actually tell everybody in

advance that you are studying and you

close the door better yet get out of

your home and go to a library if you

choose to study with your mobile phone

arm with Facebook open on another tab if

you study in the middle of the room with

your entire family around and the TV

come on you don't you see that you're

basically begging to be interrupted the

unexpected is absolutely expected in

this type of situation so remember to

download our ebook how to create and

change habits which is available for you

to download that a lot about a c /a

ebook habits here is an extra tip if a

particular day is really complicated for

you and you cannot study don't skip it

because you can't do it perfectly

if you don't have those 90 minutes that

you always dedicate regularly chill

study don't choose to do absolutely

nothing at all instead find a way to

squeeze aimed at least 30 minutes which

is better than nothing

Oh ten minutes or even five minutes but

never ever let the day pass without

actually performing the ritual of doing

the activity remember the calendar that

we taught in last week's episode what

was rule number one do not let the chain

break rule number two do not like the

chamber can rule number three

do not let the chain break you have to

mark your ex every single day without

exception so visit a lotta Lotta see

four slash ebook habits and download the

completely book details how you can

build the habit of studying every day