How To Sing Better In 5 Minutes

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hi aaron here from superior singing

method and this is how to sing better in

five minutes okay how to sing better in

five minutes now I mean this is a little

silly because we all know it's going to

take longer than five minutes to become

a great singer but there are some things

that you can do literally in five

minutes that will that will shoot you

forward and make you a better singer and

obviously the five minutes if you did

the five minutes every day for the next

three months you'll see pretty dramatic

results okay so how do you how to sing

better no matter where you are in your

journey as a singer as a beginner or

intermediate this is a great exercise

for you that is gonna help you no matter

what and this is one of my favorite

exercise it's zis and Aziz these are

great because it's it's a real buzzy

kind of sound you can do these anywhere

it's you don't have to do them loud you

can do them quiet so I you do me a car

you can do but you're walking down the

street you might look a little weird if

you pass people on that sky doing

but the Z's the good thing about the

disease is because it is a closed mouth

ish exercise in there that kind of keeps

keep the sound trapped back in in your

voice that's not that oh oh oh oh that

kind of exercise it's a really safe

exercise to do anywhere and it also the

buzz it wakes it not only wakes up the

vocal cords but it begins it it like

wakes up the face that the buzz kind of

loosens up the face we want to be when

our face in our jaw

you know muscles all and our lips even

to be nice and and agile nice and loose

when there's a lot of tension it affects

our singing in a negative way so it

helps this helps all kinds of things and

so what I want the way I want you to do

this is it's basically gonna be a 1 2 3

4 4 4 4 4 4 4 3 2 1 I don't know how

many 4 is I counted there but it's gonna

be basically like this

okay so alright did you do that with me

do you do that with me you just you

you're not gonna get any better if

you're just watching me and you're not

doing yourself okay I'm gonna give you

one chance okay you doing with me and

nobody's around you even if they are

it's fun here we do it let's do to get


so if you did these literally for three

minutes or five minutes test yourself in

how your voice feels do a little singing

you know don't do a lot before doing a

vocal or must do a little singing do

these for three to five minutes and

notice how much more freedom you fill in

your voice and notice notice how how

you're better with tone notice how you

feel more loose you feel more agile you

feel you know not not as tense and

notice that your singing will will be

better test me on this okay test me on

it even today test me so at five minutes

I let me know actually leave me a

comment and say it worked or didn't work

but I'm telling you it's it's it's gonna

work so anyway if you want other

exercises a lot of fun stuff click the

link below you can find another one of

my favorite exercises a lot of actually

great resources if you click that link

below as well as superior singing method

which is my full course eight-week

course that you know you do the right

things at the right time it all builds

on itself and you just I give you your

your little chunk video of the day and

your vocal exercise for the day and once

you do that you're done you do that for

eight weeks and and you'll it covers

every different aspect of how to build

your voice it's a great program even

though I made it I could say it's a

great program but I put a lot of time

into and it really does work the whole

aspect of all the areas of what it takes

to be a great singer so if you want to

do that click the link below leave me a

comment if you want about whether it

worked or not or any questions or

thoughts you have in fact a lot of these

videos that I do are because of the

comment section below and what people

want to know okay that's it for now

continue to pursue your dreams don't

give up don't give up don't give up