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let me ask you a question what would

happen to you in your life if you stop

trying to control things as much that

you did everything you could to succeed

to achieve your goals to take action but

you let go of the attachments of things

happening the way that you believe

they're supposed to happen in fact how

can you give yourself love how can you

connect more to yourself and for me

there's been many different ways number

one what about just spending time with

yourself if you're in a relationship how

do you let someone know that you love

them you're gonna spend time with them

well how often you spend time with

yourself a study that was done in the

university of california years ago and

it took people that were severely

depressed clinically depressed a lot of

them were on antidepressants they didn't

exercise for 20 minutes a day they did

one thing well two things really they

smiled okay but a big grin on their face

and they looked up and they just did

that for 20 minutes a day now the

results of this were pretty

extraordinary just by having people

smile and look up what they found was

they weren't able to be depressed you

know in fact you could try it right now

if you put a big smile on your face and

look up and try to get depressed I bet

you can't do it try to be angry try to

be frustrated you can't because

biochemically when you do that when you

smile and you look up your brain

releases different chemicals when you're

always trying to control life and

believing that life has to be a certain

way this has to happen or this shouldn't

happen and then oftentimes what happens

is people they're always stressed out

they always have anxiety they're always

living in fear they're always suffering

on some level because life is totally

uncertain life is unknown and so what

they found by doing this with the group

of people that they did this for is that

they were not only able to overcome the

depression but a lot of them were off

antidepressants and had a long-term

effect on them as well and it was just

so powerful that they were able to

accomplish this just by doing that every

day a lot of them habitually change the

way they use their facial expressions

because typically right now we have a

habitual way of using our body we've all

heard the

expression that emotion is created by

motion and that the more that you move

and use your body it biochemically

affects how you feel my challenge for

you is to build a better relationship

with you is to spend more time with you

and change your perception about how

you're spending that time and to give

more to yourself and whatever that might

mean for you because we all have

different rules of what it takes for us

to feel connected to feel to feel

fulfilled to feel in love and based on

your beliefs about what that's going to

take for you you've got to make sure

that you set yourself up to win and you

give to yourself some in ways that

you're gonna be filled up and never feel

that feeling of being alone or

disconnected take that time for yourself

and change that perception and create

that relationship cultivate it because

that's the ultimate relationship of all

that's the most important one that you

have and you got to treasure it you got

to nurture it every single day because

relationships do take work and you got

to make sure that you build it and it's

always growing for you