Your RAP FLOW Improved In Under Ten Minutes (Tips & Examples) [How To Rap For Beginners]

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okay so probably the most overall

confusing part of rap music is flow it's

something I get hit up with every day

how do I switch the flow how do i

improve the flow drew how do I find my

flow so today I decided to make a basic

overview of how you're going to be able

to switch your flow to the same beat or

have different flows on the same beat or

just in general improve your flow so

it's not just the same old cliche stuff

in the different ways you can approach

flow when you're rapping so I'm Julie

Marcy and this is how to rap okay so in

a couple minutes we're gonna give you a

couple demonstrations of simple flow

Middle Temple flow and fast flow which

are mostly the common ways that people

end up MC when you hear rappers they're

usually doing some version of this but

let's just give a couple quick overview

points on each different type of flow to

give you a better idea of why you would

use it what you're gonna do with it when

would be the best time to have you

flowing in this way okay so the first

type of flow that we're gonna

demonstrate and that you can use is

simple flow not many words in the bar

easy to understand not too many bells

and whistles and all that now the

advantage to using a simple flow is

first of all you can freestyle with it

and still sound cool I see way too many

new rappers who hit me up for coaching

or information and they say things like

drew like I mean I just when I freestyle

I try to do too much it's so hard and

the first thing I say is well how

intricately are you trying to flow keep

it simple with a freestyle and the

simple flow is the best way to go when

it comes to freestyling

secondly entire careers of famous

rappers have been built off of this

simple flow you can think of Rick Ross 2

Chainz in some ways even Tupac had a

nice easy simple to understand flow that

got you excited so the point is the

simple flow without too many bells and

whistles word-by-word

easy to understand good stuff in people

really can

with it very easily because it is so

simple and easy to understand

most rat fans who are only occasional

listeners of the deep [ __ ] the MC stuff

that you might want to get into they

love the simple flow that most

those are your rock fans who like the

occasional rap song or the person at the

club wants to dance they like the simple

easy flow so this is the floater you can

make a lot of money off of if you just

don't overthink it too much so with that

being said let's demonstrate first

demonstration of the day simple fluff G

cheat you out alright notice when the

flow sip you words still sound cool so

[ __ ] what you are the fact is you ain't

got a hope do it make it real simple and

it will sound blue it if you got the

feeling you were working in this rap

[ __ ] makes it flow cooler this glass

thing okay so that was the simple flop

you see how very few words pour bar not

much going on just writing that because

I said you can think of somebody like

Rick Ross or a lot of TI songs or maybe

sometimes even big homie Tupac you know

if chinnu you know very simple so that's

a simple flow a lot of people like this

and this is the flow you want to use

most of the time and you're freestyling

now the second type of flow is the New

York mid-tempo flow this is the bread

and butter rap this is this is just the

classic way most people rap its

mid-tempo no bells and whistles most of

the time when you hear a lyrical MC as

they call it this is the flow you're

going for the main thing I want you to

get out of this is that it is a little

bit more complex and a major advantage

of using the mid-tempo flow is that when

you can do this well this is usually

when you start to hear people say things

like you can rap he can rap yeah he

could kind of spin nice any of those

kind of compliments usually come when

you're fluent so to speak in the

mid-tempo flow say hey yep you're

feeling confident you meant to blow

even when I hate this try to say you're

no rapper you can start to kill it in a

quiet they're laughing judge a book by

its cover you shown the whole chapter


and now you know that you can throw it

like a schoolyard you say you're too

real skipper Trubshaw and last we add

the fast flow which is something I get

asked about every day and obviously it's

certainly the most sensational

provocative way to rap that fast

hit my brother my brother I do it you

know that [ __ ] yeah everybody's really

into that stuff and I understand it's

amazing some of the greatest MCS of all

time in fact you could argue that every

greatest MC of all time is killed at

least one fast flow biggie

Eminem Kendrick Lamar and all those

other people I mean yes the fast flow is

amazing I admit that now we're just

gonna give a quick demonstration and if

you take anything out of the fast flow

this is really when you're good at this

is when you start to get into all that

guy's an MC man I do killed that [ __ ]

this is very important to know you have

to know okay so that's the fast flow you

know this is something you can switch

around and the fast flow comes in many


you shouldn't limit yourself to thinking

that any of these but especially the

fast flow is only one way Kendrick raps

fast a certain way Eminem raps fast a

certain way Bone Thugs of course raps

fast a certain way with all of these but

especially the fast flow it depends on

the rapper and you're gonna make your

own as you go along so with that being

said in the last point of this video is

you want to combine all of these

together to make sort of a mixture when

people say they switch the flow usually

what it means is that they're using a

version or verse full of all of this

stuff so just a special treat we're

gonna have a quick little few bars from

the big homie young group through marcy

how to rap with a combination of all of

these and i'll try a little bit harder

on this one and try to give y'all

something more than just the simple

demonstration stuff so let's hit that

and we'll send you off how to retro

that's for [ __ ] nickname do the right

thing despite get the knick game after I

teach a lightning quick change game when

the flow freakin like right you were

Rick James I make it quite an oppression

couple videos that rappers writing me

questions to hate this 'ready

suggestions don't let the mic do the

lesson the internet trolls to really

write you a session you wouldn't write

me the message living in the Bay I'm

going ideas

living in LA I'll find a white paper

section and that slow flow so to get the

club down to no Pogo when I'm at

Instagram it with a GoPro soda okay so

that was the combination of the

different flows you can see kind of how

you know I'm switching it around using

different flows at different times slow

we're not speeding down you know it's

just the classic songwriting you want to

do is a mixture of all this so hopefully

this video helps hopefully this video

gives you a better understanding of how

you can approach the same beat and

lastly I want to say shout out to the

producer of that meet my homeboy truth

the real truth very classically trained

an excellent musician producer genius

extraordinary I want a shout out to the

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