BOOST YOUR PRAYERS | 7 Secrets to Boost Your Prayer Life!

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hey guys today I'm going to give you

seven ways that you can be more

consistent in prayer that's coming up

next on the bee hey everyone my name is

Alan Parr thank you all so much for

tuning in to the beat if this is your

first time here this channel is all

about helping people grow spiritually by

giving them truth training and teaching

from the Word of God until today we are

talking about how to be more consistent

in prayer and I must confess that lately

I've gotten off my game a little bit in

terms of my prayer life life gets busy

things are starting to get demanding you

got all sorts of things going on and

before you know it it can be one or two

days that go by and you haven't spent

consistent time with God in prayer so

today I want to give you what I believe

are seven things that you can do

practically starting tomorrow to be more

consistent with prayer

number one is simply just to schedule it

what's so interesting is that we use our

smartphones to schedule everything else

except time with God which should be the

most important thing on our schedule

notice that mark chapter 1 says that

when it was very early in the morning

before it got dark Jesus got up and left

the house and went off to a solitary

place to pray so it difficult as it may

be I want to encourage you to pick a

time in your schedule every day that you

anticipate that you're going to be

unhurried and uninterrupted and free

from all distractions

number two is to have a prayer partner

now I must confess that this is an area

where I have personally struggled in and

need to improve on but if you can find

somebody that you agree with somebody

that you can trust you can share your

difficulties and your deepest secrets

with that you can commit to praying

together every day or every week

essentially what you have is built-in

accountability and this is great because

when something is not coming natural in

our lives we need appointments certain

fix things that are in our schedule that

we have to do so that we can learn how

to become more consistent and more

discipline number three is a big one and

simply just says do not feel limited or

confined by space for whatever reason

some people feel like they cannot pray

and let they're kneeling by their bed

with their eyes closed

want to encourage you to take advantage

of every single opportunity to pray if

you're at the gym and you're working out

you can pray if you are a jogger if you

are a swimmer or if you are a housewife

and you are cleaning up around the house

or cooking or whatever it is take that

time do not be limited by space the

Bible says that we should pray without

ceasing which means we should pray at

all times and in all places number four

don't feel limited by time as a matter

of fact I heard somebody say a long time

ago I may not pray for very long but I

do not go very long without praying now

if you are one of those people to spend

1 to 2 hours in every single day in


well then god bless you but for the rest

of us what ends up happening is many

people feel like what I cannot spend an

hour everyday in prayer or 15 or 20

minutes in unhurried uninterrupted

prayer that hey I might as well not pray

at all but what we must realize is that

God is just as interested in hearing

from us throughout the day whenever

we're dealing with bad attitudes at work

or we're stuck in traffic

we can pray whenever we have temptations

that come our way we have all sorts of

other frustrations or we have difficult

decisions to make number 5 is simply to

slip away or to excuse yourself to go

and pray Jesus was a master at this

Bible says that Jesus would often

withdraw himself and go to lonely places

to pray I know you think you may be busy

but none of us are busier than Jesus was

I mean he was deciphering 12 men he was

preaching he was followed by crowds

everywhere he went people were pressing

on him and pulling on him for certain

demands he was on the road he was

traveling he was doing miracles he was

healing people get all sorts of other

things going on and sometimes whenever

it became so overwhelming the Bible says

that Jesus had to say hold up wait a

minute let me excuse myself let me slip

away so that I can pray and spend some

time with God number 6 don't limit

yourself to one type of prayer in other

words be creative switch it up there may

be times whenever you may need to start

your day off and just say Lord I blew it

yesterday I need to confess my sins

before you or maybe there's other times

where you know what you just may need to

go to God in worship may want to listen

to music and your car on the way to work

and just worship God there may be

other times well you may want to just

thank God for the things that he's done

in your life because you are so

overwhelmed with a sense of joy in a

sense of gratitude there may be other

times whenever you need to go and pray

for someone else or finally there's

times whenever you may need to go to God

be to say look Lord this is what I'm

trusting you to do in my life the key is

to make sure that it does not get

predictable stale and mundane and

finally number seven is to write down

your prayer requests I always keep

either something physical or my cell

phone uses my cell phone because I'm on

it all the time close by so that

whenever people say hey can you pray for

me that I'll go ahead and write that

down or type that into my phone and that

way I never run out of things to pray

for so guys I hope this video gave you

seven creative ways that you can become

more consistent in prayer question of

the day what are some things that you

are doing in your life or what you've

done in the past that what helps us is a

community on this channel get more

consistent in prayer leave those in the

comments section below we would love to

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