How To Improve Your Personality | 9 Personality Enhancing Tips

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personality we all have one but after

this video you're gonna have a better

one our personality is our typical

pattern of thinking feeling acting and

communicating so the key term there is

typical your typical pattern of acting

feeling thinking and communicating right

it's what you do consistently not just

like with one person or with one group

of people across the board as a whole

alright so now what I want you to do is

think of somebody who you consider to

have a great magnetic personality got'em

yeah it's pretty easy to do most of us

can alright these people are just

radiating with personality right we feel

better being around them but now if I

asked you to tell me why what about

their personality specifically makes

them have a good personality it's

tougher to do right because there's so

many factors and variables that go into

making up somebody's individual

personality the good news is that we at

alpha M have done the legwork and

figured out what makes a good

personality tick actually we kind of did

so here's the deal we can break down a

good personality into traits and if we

work on developing these traits for

ourselves we in the long run are going

to have a better personality and who

doesn't want that

exactly we all do let's rock tip number

one is be a better listener work on your

active listening skills alright because

communication is a skill listening is

also a skill alright when you listen to

somebody it's not just your ears right

you're just hearing the words come out

your whole body should be listening

which means put your phone away iContact

nod engage them this is what I'm talking

about in terms of being an active

listener and who doesn't like talking to

somebody or being around somebody that

when you're talking to them you think oh

my god they're actually listening tip

number two is become more interesting

yeah you can actually become more

interesting how do you do that by

engaging and at

of Lee seeking out education information

trying new things the more stuff you try

the more stuff you do the more

information you seek and absorb the more

interesting you're going to be for other

people to communicate with tip number

three is practice and adopt a more

optimistic outlook on life optimism is

sort of that glasses half-full type of

thing right nobody and I mean nobody

likes being around somebody who's

pessimistic always talking about the

negative never looking at the good and

anything right well this is something

that you can absolutely change if you

are persistently and consistently

talking about negative things

acknowledge that you're doing it and

then work on developing a more positive

outlook all right

sometimes simply look at it things a

little bit differently can make all the

difference in the world tip number four

be encouraging and supportive to others

good job you can do it oh good luck I'm

telling you people that are supportive

to me or people that I interact with

that are encouraging you think I like

them yeah I love them because I want to

be around these people there are people

that are raising you up through positive

energy these people fantastic

personalities a lot of times

tip number five is have integrity and

treat people with respect leading us to

tip number six which is don't talk bad

about people don't make fun of them and

don't gossip people that make fun of

other people or mean gossipers they just

suck tip number seven is don't be afraid

to be yourself so often we get caught in

this cycle of trying to please everybody

being something different in different

social circles when you stop doing that

and just decide that you know what this

is me take it or leave it you're going

to lose some friends some people aren't

going to like you but it's okay the ones

that are still there they're going to be

solid they're going to be your friends

and you're going to find new ones and

these relationships and interactions are

going to be far superior to the ones

that you're putting up a facade in order

to facilitate tip number eight is have

the ability to laugh at yourself now

this is easier said than done and until

you actually have a secure sense of self

and feel good about who you are and

comfortable in your own skin you're

probably not going to be able to do that

I did a video talking about the

importance of being able to laugh at

yourself and if you miss

that I would say absolutely go check it

out after this video it's it's it's

something that I feel people with good

personalities this is something they all

pretty much have in common there's a

link down below and as with pretty much

everything that we talk about it boils

down to tip number 9 which is do things

that you need to do every day to

facilitate and develop your confidence

when you feel good about who you are the

person you see looking back at yourself

in the mirror knowing that a I am a good

person I bring value to the world and

people around me let me tell you

something your personality is going to

skyrocket it's going to emanate it's

going to be like a a death laser-beam

just going out because you're going to

be like oh I feel great about myself and

that is going to transition and

transcend every aspect of your life

including your personality and if you

need a confidence kick in the ass

there's actually a link down below to

the Alpha M confidence course where I am

going to personally help you unlock the

five phases of self-confidence gentlemen

unfortunately we weren't all born with

dynamic radiant amazing engaging

personality some of us it just wasn't in

the cards or shy or for whatever reason

we just don't let it shine when we're

around people the good news is that if

you implement and embrace and adopt

these nine tips into your daily life

your daily interactions you are well on

your way to personality perfection