12 Unbeatable Ways To Develop A Positive Attitude

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Hey there viewers!

We live in a world where stress is just a part of everyday life.

Work, school, bills, family, and other obligations tend to make life all the more stressful.

Usually when we are stressed, we have a negative outlook on things.

And If we are constantly stressed our attitudes turn sour altogether.

In such times we turn to easy and sometimes unhealthy comforts like fried food, drugs,

smoking, or alcohol.

Having a positive attitude in such difficult times can make it so much easier for you to

deal with stress, think clearly, make you mentally stronger and easier for you to bounce

back from setbacks.

So how can you develop a positive attitude no matter what situation you are in?

Well, keep watching today’s video where we will tell you ways in which you can develop

a positive attitude in life.

From forgiving people who hurt you in the past, Accepting When Things Aren't Perfect,

mixing with positive people, maintaining a journal to living in the present and more,

watch till the end to learn about all of them.

Make Sure You Give Thanks Each Day After Waking Up: There are so many things that people take

for granted in life, like the ability to wake up, good health, freedom, and family members

that are healthy.

If you pray about it or say it to yourself, ensure that you are grateful.

Some people think that what they have achieved in life is not enough.

If you happen to fall in this category, you need to know that there is someone somewhere

looking up to you.

So, it is essential to be grateful and thankful for what you have and make a vow to work hard

to achieve more.

If you maintain positive thinking towards the things you have, you will develop the

drive to go for bigger things.

Are you a very thankful person?

How often do you count your blessings for what you have?

Tell us quickly in the comments section down below!

Forgive people Who Hurt You In The Past: Holding a grudge for months or years makes you have

an angry look on your face whenever you see that person.

Take time and contact the person that wronged you.

Let them know that you have forgiven them.

You may write a text, email, or even a phone call.

Once you gain the courage to do that, you remain at peace and form better relationships

with more people.

On the other hand, if you do not forgive an old grudge, you end up compromising your happiness.

Happy people always have a positive attitude about all the things they participate in.

Stop Jumping To Negative Outcomes: In order to change your overall outlook on life you

have to start catching yourself thinking about things in a negative light.

That includes work, outings, people, and yourself.

If someone recommends you all go to a concert that is being held at a specific venue, for

example, don’t automatically think of all of the reasons why you shouldn’t go.

Instead think about how fun it would be to see a concert with some friends or how much

you enjoy hearing live music.

Making assumptions and jumping to conclusions about people and things is a part of this

as well.

When you see people on the street or at a bar or restaurant, don’t just make negative

assumptions about them because they are acting or are dressed a certain way.

Instead look a little closer and find something positive to say about the situation.

Maybe you like the way one of them dresses, or you agree with their choice of beer.

There is always something good to find in every situation and every person.

Stop worrying so much about what other people think about you: Often what people say or

think of you is a reflection of their own thoughts, not yours.

It’s a projection of their reality not yours which is holding you back from fully living

your life.

Letting go of caring what people think about you is one of the most freeing and powerful

things you’ll ever do for yourself.

The amount of “real estate” in our brain we spend obsessing about what others think

about ourselves is a giant waste.

Also, by ending this behavior you’re opening yourself up to doing greater things with your

job, your free time, your mind and your life.

Maintain A Journal: Journaling can help build a positive attitude.

Write down your achievements for the day, even if it’s something as simple as washing

the car or talking to a new neighbor.

Writing about your thoughts and experiences helps you look at your life more realistically.

Think about the good things that happen each day and focus on what you want in the future,

instead of what you don’t want.

Focus on love and success, not fear.

Identify Your Most Common Negative Thoughts: Just listen to yourself for a day or two.

Don’t try to change anything.

Just observe the negative thoughts that come to mind.

You may find that you tell yourself things like, “I’m too old to do that anymore,

I’m such a jerk, I’ll never get ahead, I just can’t lose any weight or I ‘m no

good at selling.”

You’ll probably end up with a list of five to ten phrases that you repeat over and over


Here’s a key action point – Practice stopping those negative thoughts.

Every time one of those negative thoughts comes to mind, think “Stop!

Stop, you negative thought.


Stop it.”

You may have to do this ten or twenty times before the thought goes away.

If thinking “Stop” doesn’t work at first, try saying “Stop” out loud.

That’s right, shout it out.

Say it firmly, authoritatively.

Notice how well the technique works for you.

If you’re still struggling with a particular negative thought after a period of time, use

the hand signals for “Stop.”

Just like a traffic cop puts up his hand to signal “Stop,” put up your hand to “Stop”

a negative thought.

You can even say it and do it at the same time.

Accept When Things Aren't Perfect: It can be difficult to let go of the need for perfection

and control in your life, but sometimes it's very liberating to simply accept that things

will not always go the way you hoped, and that's okay.

Sometimes things happen that are out of your control, and rather than wasting your energy

on negative emotions, it's better to just accept that things didn't go the way you planned

or wanted.

Remember, most things pass with time.

Mix With Positive People: It's a fact of human nature that we tend to mimic the people we

spend the most time with.

Think of how teenagers tend to conform to the social code of their friends.

It's the same for everyone else, too.

So, the more frequently you spend time with positive thinking people, the more likely

it is that you will begin to think and act in a similar fashion.

Also, don't underestimate the power of laughing either, it has a wonderful way of reducing

stress, connecting you with those around you, and generally making you feel better all round.

Rethink Your Challenges: There are no dead ends, only re-directions.

Though we would try, there are only a few things in life that we have complete control


You should always not let uncontrollable occurrences from the outside flip your inner to mush.

What you will manage is the effort that you place in and after you provide your full effort,

there is no reason for regret.

Start to develop a positive attitude by reframing your challenges today.

Practice Self Care And Compassion: Life isn’t a race but a journey, navigating through the

oceans of sorrows and climbing through the mountains of fears.

Everything cannot and will never be perfect.

While striving for goals, engraft a positive mindset that it accumulates and sinks into

your subconsciousness.

Even if things fall apart or take an odd turn, keep your mind and conscious thought anchored

on positive accumulation.

Replace those negative indictments with positive thinking rather than complaining, harboring

negativity breaded by self-criticism, perceived flaws, weakness, unhealthy comparison, and

negative self-talk.

Perfection is a mirage of satisfaction, it prevents growth so rather than dwelling on

perfection, tap into positivity.

Live In The Present: A lot of us want to be the daring captain at the helm of the ship

called "Destiny", boldly going forth to face the storm called life.

Dauntless, fearless, assured that nothing will go wrong.

But the future is uncertain, and this uncertainty can lead to fear.

Fear leads to anger and anger causes negativity.

Live life knowing that there are just some things that you have absolutely no control

over, but what you can do is overcome them as they happen.

What will worry get you?

What does fear do?

It causes you to be irrational, to be paranoid, it affects you and affects your life.

So live life unafraid, but without overconfidence.

Something could always go wrong, but fearing it is going to make it worse.

Take control and live in the present.

Are you in the habit of worrying too much about things you cannot control?

If so, here’s the perfect video for you to help out in this regard titled “4 Ways

To Stop Worrying”.

Remember You Matter: Positivity is only a matter of reinforcement, a mindset which you


However it is often difficult when the world throws one curveball at you after another,

you can feel insignificant as you struggle to feel needed.

The next habit is simple, tell yourself 'I matter".

The things you do matter, and it is good to keep that in mind, from washing laundry to

balancing checks, as long as you "do your ordinary duties extraordinarily well" you

will matter.

Tell that to yourself and realize how powerful your own mind can really be when it comes

to situations where you feel down.

Tell yourself "I matter".

How would you describe your attitude in life?

Is it positive, negative, neutral or does it change based on the situation?

Let us know in the comments section below!