How To Start Your Own Brand • Behind The Scenes of KraveBeauty : Money, Product Development, Design

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hi everyone we are here so today I'm so

excited to take you guys on the journey

of how I built my own skin care van

called crave beauty I got so many

questions regarding the product

development branding design everything

and I know I would really really

appreciate it if I came across a video

like this of someone explaining the

entire technical process that they need

to take in order to build something I

hope you guys enjoy this series so

everything starts with one little idea

and for the longest time I was never

interested in making product

commercializing product and having my

own label or anything like that because

I know how saturated and congested the

beauty industry is and I didn't want to

add another product for the sake of

adding another product I'm a person

who's a strongly driven by purpose I

always have to identify the entire

reason of why I need to do certain

things if the purpose isn't clarified I

don't feel comfortable jumping into it

there at the entire journey of my

youtube career

I got reached out by some manufacturers

Korean skincare brands to collaborate

and launched our own little collection

but I never really felt comfortable just

giving away the relationship that I

built with my subscribers to another

brand and that's why I turned down some

of the opportunities that popped up

along the way it wasn't until the end of

2016 that I realized a very very strong

pattern that keeps occurring while I was

chatting with you guys on a daily basis

and I was very much of a victim of this

too which is that so many of us feel so

lost and so confused

with skincare and I didn't know why

because there were so many productions

out there that seemed to be great and

there's a lot of information that are

easily accessible and available out

there however we are more confused than

ever as a consumer that question led me

into realizing a very fundamental

problem in the industry was that a lot

of skincare brands would create a

product that would sell rather than

considering our skin health and that was

like my aha moment if I would define an

aha moment and of course in order for

them to sell my products they've been

training us to apply more and more and

more products than they actually need

having an extensive multi-step skincare

routine that's causing chronic

inflammation redness

and never-ending acne for some people

including my younger self

and I thought we need a moment to kind

of redefine what skincare essentials are

truly and I wanted to bring back the fun

and joy of skincare because that's what

skincare should really do it but to me

for the longest time skincare was a toy

it was a stress it was something I do in

order to fix my skin problem that's why

I wanted to start a skincare bound to

deliver your message to listen to your

own skin

and I wanted to kind of prove the

industry that you can teach your

customers and educate your customers

about how amazing your skin naturally is

and how less of a product that we

actually need now that we define our

purpose mission and also the philosophy

I wanted to choose a brand name that

truly reflects this and I am very aware

that there is a cereal brand and the

beef jerkey brand out there called crave

but the moment I came across the word

crave it was just stuck in my head and I

couldn't replace it with another word

because it was so strong and powerful

and the meaning of crave just speaks so

well about our entire philosophy when it

comes to naming your brand you need to

have this kind of very strong attachment

to it and I think a lot of you guys

would have assumed that I replaced c2k

in order to represent Korea or something

like that but I've never thought of hook

that I replace etk for marketing and

design purpose any words that start with

Kate sticks to your memory way longer

when you're designing the logo

typographic wise and the letter K has a

very strong structured kind of

charismatic aura to it that's why I

wanted to choose K instead of a soft

subtle C and once he decided on the

brand name I highly encourage you guys

to trademark it right away this is

something that we kind of learned at the

last minute and had to do it last minute

and it takes ages for trademark to

actually get approved or declined and I

received amazing health from my diri

subscriber called Ashley she's an IP

lawyer in US and she was so generous and

kind enough to help me out with this and

Thank You Ashley if you're watching this

video I owe you tons so let's talk about

money which is the fun part I think and

it's something that a lot of people

don't really share transparently I guess

but I really wanted to share this

because I was like having so much hard

time with

money first of all you can go to a VC or

meet an angel investor to get investment

so that means they're investing in your

company in exchange for equity or

ownership you want to meet an investor

that believes in you more than that they

believe in the company so that they

don't really get nosy about every single

decisions that you need to make there

are the three benefits if you do have a

lot of money you can hire a team you can

build so many Eska use which is the

product you can have more financial

stability to spend on marketing

advertisement and everything like that

but for us we didn't want to give away

the equity and also I didn't meet any

investor that I clicked with 100 percent

me our self-funded I think in Korea if

you were to start a skin care van you

would need a minimum of 30 K we put in

$50,000 because we you are separating

into US and also Korea and that means we

need to register it in both countries

and also to dealing with the shipping

fees logistics hiring a warehouse in

both countries or costly and also you

need to buy out the formulations from

the contract manufacturer and the

interesting thing is that the minimum

order quantity for each product would be

around 5,000 or higher so for you to buy

at least 5,000 units of one product it

is going to cost you quite a bit now

that you sort of have the money size of

the business you have to incorporate

your business we didn't hire any

attorney to save money so we

incorporated ourselves which was quite a

headache full business to do but we did

it and it's totally doable for us we

incorporated both in the States and in

Korea and in respective countries you

have to what the f do you know that you

are doing the business and also if you

were to sell products online or either

offline you have to have a business

license product development it's super

helpful to have a very solid product

philosophy and product strategy defined

and laid out and this is going to serve

you as a product guideline which allows

you to choose certain ingredients or

leave out certain ingredients and also

it decides how many products you're

going to have in your own line for us we

had a pretty clear strategy we wanted to

divide into a core series and supplement

series and we didn't want to bombard you

guys with having too many options now

that I decided to do a cleanser anime

to a product I wanted to research

everything about it so I read so many

scientific literature's Studies papers

and everything though I don't come from

a dermatology or chemistry background

however when I'm holding a conversation

with the chemists and the formulators

from the lab I wanted to kind of up my

knowledge to speak in their language if

I were to sell a product I wanted to

understand everything about it so that's

why it took me quite a bit of time I

think reaching out to contact

manufacturer isn't hard at all they have

all of their contact information on

their website and you can go to a beauty

convention like Beauty Expo or in

cosmetics they have a lot of contract

manufacturers or raw material companies

that display their products and their

gift technology for us I had the idea

for the product so I spread it out to

several contract manufacturers and each

of them got back to me with their very

first formulation and I selected a few

from there and so if you were to go with

a big contract manufacturer like

cosmetics they have bigger budget to

spend on better facility they're quick

to adapt the newest and up-and-coming

and state-of-the-art technologies they

are a really fast pace though they

deliver really fast the biggest con is

that you are probably not going to get

prioritized because you're a really

really small client compared to hundreds

and thousands of clients and the

chemists and the formulators they really

don't need to listen to your business

strategy or your product philosophy or

what not like their job is to create a

product and then move on to the next

project as soon as possible so they kind

of voice you to settle down on the

current prototype as soon as possible

working with it small indie Beauty labs

is amazing too because they give you the

feeling that if they're really in this

together like you hired a specialist for

your project and they provide you more

one-on-one tailored consultation

regarding the formulation and being

small doesn't mean that they don't have

better facility or better technology

they often specialize in one niche like

formulating technology and you can

totally take advantage of that I really

really really have a lot of credit for

our caila viola because in the beginning

I actually wanted to put vitamin C in a

two however the chemist the formulator

was like no that's going to irritate

someone's skin so let's only stick with

iha the moment that I heard

that I knew that the lab really thinks

about one skin health rather than

pleasing a client however there are

definite cons they are likely to make a

lot of errors in a lot of mistakes so

while the product is developing you need

to name the products and I know a lot of

you guys might have laughed at our name

Killaloe yeah as I was saying I wanted

to bring back the fun and the joy of

skincare and I didn't want our products

to be too serious and to sciency I

wanted to make it easy to use and fun to

use much a hydrating cleanser also had a

funny name however we didn't stick to

use that

moving on to design and this was the

most fun part and the most frustrating

part as well and it wasn't easy to hire

like a person that I really really liked

that suits my budget so basically you

need to have branding design packaging

design and also the website design done

the branding design includes the logo

typeface that you're using and all the

color scheme and the visual guidelines

that your brand is using to communicate

the brand's philosophy initially I

wanted to hire a Swedish design agency

and they cost like over $30,000 for a

project like that and I was like we

don't have money like that so I had to

do all the branding design with the

packaging side I wanted to have more of

a guideline by a professional I highly

recommend you guys to go to Behance

thought net and that's a website

platform where so many designers upload

and showcase their portfolios and their

projects it's a good source to get

inspiration which is so much better than

Pinterest well I found this German

designer and he worked on the initial

guideline of the packaging and then we

didn't settle to his design because I

didn't feel like it was representing our

entire brand the ethos so I had to take

it from there and I design all the

packaging by myself including the bottle

and everything

today I am at the printing facilities

for the box packaging I was super

excited and nervous at the same time and

to be able to see something that I

designed and planned for like the last

six month is really finally coming to

real life with website you can

definitely go through Shopify

Squarespace magnito

there is a lot of web hosting service

and they also have templates that they

provide and we kind of customized it

from there so far with the entire design

aspect of stuff since I did a lot of

stuff we saved a lot like we only spent

$2,000 now that you have the product you

have to do the photography or the video

or both I really really wanted to work

with Karen Rosalee she used to be the

photographer for chriselle lim and I

used to adore her work from the very

very beginnings when I was building this

brand like I had her in mind and she was

like so happy to do it she did our main

image for the banner and everything and

I love how it turned out the rest of the

social images that we're doing like it's

all photographed by me with some help

from my friends as I got to shoot with

my really dearest friend Chloe in New


and I had so much fun doing the

photography and everything hello Chloe

and Archie


and also with the video especially our

brand launch film I really wanted to

make it really really really special I

didn't feel right to hire someone that's

just too skillful or too professional

with the camera and everything I needed

a true content creator I needed someone

who does amazing storytelling and who

knows how to execute that into the

production and suddenly New Age creators

here on YouTube came across my mind

because I've been watching their channel

forever and I reached out to chase who's

one of my favorite he was so excited

about the project and we collaborated

for our launch films I think we spent a

good three months to just execute that

video it's something that I'm really

really proud of and I have really fun

with I'm chase and my channel is chasing

us everything or New Age created we are

currently at cha-cha much the dance is

necessary it doesn't count if you don't

do the dance dance


that you regularly do whenever you feel

like extremely stressing over if I'm

starting to get stressed I tend to run

and that like sort of gives you a rush

of endorphins and sort of relaxes the

muscles a little bit otherwise I try to

avoid piling too much stress on myself

by planning things out using lists and

things like that


despite all of the really sucky stuff

going on the world sometimes or if I'm

stressed I refuse to believe that the

world is a bad place when I can control

my own happiness I can choose to be

happy in the situations that I meant so


that's my little little secret of life

so the most important part of your

business is probably the retail strategy

because this decides your price as well

and if you were to go with a Sephora

drugstore they are going to have really

big Commission it's like minimum 20% and

it goes all the way up to 50 to 60% like

if you were to have that room in your

price your price Leslie needs to be

higher but also we wanted to control all

the branding and all the contents that

gets produced like I don't want our

branding to be diluted by going into

other retailers but this can definitely

change as we scale out I think that's it

for now and I'm sure I missed out a lot

of details because I'm basically

summarizing a year length of hard work

into a 10 minute video if you have any

questions feel free to ask me if you

want to support us please visit crave

beauty comm or instagram at crave beauty

and I'll tattoo you guys there good luck

with everything and all you will be here

to support you guys bye