Are Tanning Beds Safe? | How to Tan Safely | with Dr. Sandra Lee

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hi you papa holic peeps it's me dr.

Sandra Lee you guys also know me as dr.

pimple popper in this video on our Sun

and skin series I'm going to talk about

tanning beds a little bit about some of

us Tanner's and tanning in general how

safe are they do you know do you use

them yourself do you think that they are

safer or better than being on the Sun do

you think being out in the Sun is any

good too I'm going to answer all these

questions right here I love tanning

I love being tan I like to burn I've

always liked to look tan what what a

really big fan tanning I believe tanning

in a Sun bed is like a glorified coffin

it's so bad in there that you can't even

have your eyes open and it's like

claustrophobic cancer cancer cancer

everyone looks better tan I think why

it's so bad for you like I know but I

want to be tan

so let's talk a little bit about tanning

beds now I am also one of those people

before I was a dermatologist who used

tanning beds tanning beds allow you to

kind of get a quick tan it's comfortable

it's also kind of relaxing I mean you

you take a nap there you feel really

well rested it gives you a little shot

of endorphin so you feel good you feel

like you look better the tanning beds

are bad I mean the reason that they're

so prevalent is because they are so

popular and people really feel like they

look better when they have a little tan

the reason that tanning beds are so

dangerous is it's really an intense

concentration of ultraviolet rays that

you're receiving so you're getting much

more intense sun rays than you would be

laying out in the Sun people feel that

tanning beds are safer because they

think they're not burning but they're

getting a tan but a tan is certainly

your body scrambling to protect itself

from the Sun that means that you're

getting damage done it does not mean

getting a sunburn is that much worse

than getting a tan in general maybe it

seems more efficient to you you're

getting a tan more quickly but you're

also getting damage more quickly you're

getting an increased risk of skin cancer

especially melanoma which is the life

threatening kind of skin cancer and

you're getting premature aging and all

the sort of bad stuff so it may make you

feel better may make you look better but

this is all temporary just remember that

I mean a tan is not something that's

protective it's not protecting you from

sunburns it's actually a sign that your

body is under attack

really it's under attack from the Sun

and you're getting sun damage people in

their 60 50 60 70s who tell me I wish

that I hadn't used the tanning beds I

wish I had it laid out back then look at

all these brown spots I have look at all

these wrinkles look at all these skin

cancers that I have a lot of times when

we as dermatologists speak out about

tanning salons they really go in attack

mode actually they're defending their

business their livelihood but really

they try to put out misinformation that

tanning beds are safer and are better

than sun exposure and this is simply not


tanning beds were really popular during

my generation when I was younger so I

think that my generation being more in

their 30s 40s 50s these people are not

really seeing as many of the skin

cancers the sudden due skin cancers yet

usually we see a more of the Sun induced

skin cancers when you're in your 60s

your 70s your 80s

perhaps in the next decade or so we're

going to notice a lot more people who

are commenting that they had a lot of

exposure to tanning beds and they're

going to have a lot of skin cancers so I

do think that's something that we're

going to see in the future

the sunless tanners are remarkable these

days they're really do great jobs making

us look darker and and giving us that

look without giving us that risk and

there's so many different kinds now

they're the kinds that you could wipe on

there's the kinds that you can apply

like moisturizer and they slowly

gradually tan you so you can kind of


the level of it there are those that you

put on your instantly tan but then

there's a slow gradual increase in

intense to your skin over time and

they're very natural looking these days

- there's so many different shades that

you can kind of choose from according to

your skin color so really look into them

they're really safe they're actually

just an ingredient that tints your skin

so it's temporary and you can certainly

apply sunscreen over your sunless tanner

but you know obviously if you use

something very abrasive that's going to

rub your skin you're going to rub some

of that tint off so just be conscious of

that so there you have it all the

information I have for you about tanning

beds and how to get the best fake tan so

stay tuned for next time when I talk to

you a little bit more about how to best

protect yourself from the Sun