95% Confidence Interval Excel

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I'll Elliott J here would concur

statistics so today I'm going to show

you how to do is how to find the 95%

confidence interval using Excel 2016 so

the first thing you need to do is find

the descriptive statistics so if you

don't already have the add-ins click on

file once you click on file hit options

from options click on Add Ins

and then go all the way down to where it

says manage with manage make sure it

says Excel add-ins and click go make

sure you have both the analysis toolpak

and the solver add-in selected and then

you hit OK if you don't have it if

you're sorry if you have it already you

can just hit X and close out so now go

to data and then this new tab data

analysis go descriptive statistics and

hit OK your input range will be the

numbers that you're going to use that

you're looking for the descriptive

statistics from and then the output

range is where you want your sistex to

be posted to so this looks like a good

place to me so I'm just going to

highlight this make sure you have

summary statistics and confidence level

for the mean checked and everything

looks good hit OK now what you have here

are your descriptive statistics the two

numbers you're going to need you're

going to need the mean and you're going

to need the confidence level if you

recall the confidence interval is the

area in between the mean minus the

confidence level and the mean plus the

confidence level so to do that it's

really simple I'm going to do lower and

then higher so first I'll do the mean

minus the confidence level so I'm going

to hit the equals sign and then click on

the mean and do the subtract sign and

click on the confidence level and then

hit enter and then I'm going to do the

same thing except for add them so it

equals and I'll do the mean and then

I'll hit the plus sign and then

the confidence level and then hit enter

again and this range right here is the

95 percent confidence interval and

that's how you calculate it using Excel

2016 thanks for watching