Top 3 FREE 3D Design Software 2019

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in this video I'm gonna go through my

top three picks of free 3d modeling

programs for 2019 say that three times

fast let's get started

how's it going guys Angus here from

makers Muse so 3d design software is a

ever changing landscape I did a video a

few years ago on my top picks and well

it's completely how dated so let's do a

new one a lot of current subscribe to

the channel will know what I use on an

almost daily basis but if you're just

starting or perhaps you've learnt some

really expensive software in uni or

college you've just gotten out and

realized hey I can't afford that well

this video is for you

and let's kick it off with number one

Tinkercad let me tell you a quick little

story quite a few years ago I was using


when it first came out to teach a group

of year-seven kids these are kids who

are like yeah like eleven twelve years

old and basically Tinkercad is designed

for kids it's one of the most accessible

3d modeling programs I've ever come

across it runs completely on the cloud

so you can use any computer you like to

access it and it's very very easy to use

basically you start with primitives and

you drag them and drop them into your

scene to add or subtract to create more

complicated shapes but over the years

take a cat has really evolved to be more

than just a very basic basic modeling

program and I've seen people do

absolutely incredible things using it

it's also designed with 3d printing in

mind and you can easily export a very

good error free STL file out of

Tinkercad to download onto your local

machine and 3d print at home or you can

even send to our service as well which

is pretty cool but there is some

downsides to being a fully cloud 3d

modeling suite and that is if you don't

have any internet well the lights are


Tinkercad will no longer work for you

and that means you're also going to ping

this server all the time so you need a

pretty good connection I've been in

classes with twenty kids or so trying to

use Tinkercad and the Internet just goes

and crashes because it just

handle it anyway don't assume that teen

cat is just for kids if you have no 3d

modeling experience then I recommend

checking it out and starting here

because a lot of other 3d modeling

software is a lot harder to get into

it's got a much steeper learning curve

ticket card you can pick it up in a

couple of hours and design your first 3d

printable object number two fusion 360

if you're familiar with my channel

you'll know that I use fusion for almost

all of my 3d modeling nowadays but that

wasn't always the case you see I

actually learnt SolidWorks when I was in

university and when I got my first job

being an in-house 3d modeler I also used

it there but you see SolidWorks isn't

very accessible to an individual it's

very expensive especially in Australia

so I had to learn something else and I

was very hesitant early on to learn

fusion because initially it was pretty

difficult to use a little bit buggy but

fusion 360 has become incredibly

powerful and you can actually get it for

free if you're using it for hobby use or

for start-up use and even if you buy it

and pay for the subscription it's still

incredibly affordable compared to some

other packages and it's very very

powerful you can do parametric modeling

you can do push and pull freeform stuff

and it can work with meshes you bring in

stuff and work from like 3d scans you

can even do cam so Fusion is definitely

one you need to check out if you don't

design anything accurately and it's

fantastic I use it for mechanisms like

this thing which is my two-way to

one-way mechanism that was completely

designed in fusion 360 and I have a huge

range of tutorials already in my CAD for

newbies series which you can find here

in fusion 360 if I only get started

because it definitely is a little bit

difficult to learn and as I said if

you're just getting started and 3d

modeling is brand new to you it might be

a bit hard to understand so you might

want to start with Tinkercad

but I really can't think of anything

currently that offers what fusion 360

does offer at the price point or even

free which is pretty crazy and coming in

at number three is something I never

really thought I would be dabbling in

but here it is blender but here's the


it's blender 2.8

blender has been completely overhauled

42.8 and I used to say as a bit of an

excuse that blender had a very steep

learning curve and it was very different

to modeling software's used to that

excuse doesn't really fly anymore if you

are interested in organic modeling that

is 3d sculpting and creating characters

and figurines and detailed sculpts I can

highly recommend blender 2.8 it has a

whole reel wholly redesigned to

sculpting environment and it's something

that is just for an open-source program

that's and it's free it's it's unmatched

basically so go check out blender if

you're interested in designing any sort

of characters or anything organic it's

not great for precise measured designs

like cases for boxes and things you can

do it but really fusions much better for

that but in terms of organic modeling

it's incredible and actually the new

sculpting environment reminds me a lot

of ZBrush which is a very powerful 3d

sculpting tool but it's not free so go

check out blender if that's your sort of

thing but do keep in mind it's very

different to fusion and Tinkercad in the

fact that you're not guaranteed a 3d

printable model out of it if you export

as an STL you can easily make non

manifold services and 0 thickness and

all sorts of things that will struggle

to print so you do need to keep that in

mind if you do want to 3d print out of

at a blender but I will link below a

tutorial I found very useful it's in the

previous version but he also did a

update on the latest 2.8 and I'm

actively now learning blender I and not

skilled at organic modeling at all 3

sculpting no idea but I'm giving it a

shot and I think you should too so

that's gonna conclude this video of my

picks for top 3 3d modeling software in

2019 these are my personal opinion best

bits of free software available right

now but there is so many more programs

out there so if there's any software

that you think is amazing and you're

frustrated that I missed it out please

do comment below I'd love to hear about

it I'm sure lots of other people would

as well and here on Magus Muse is my aim

to empower your creativity through


if you found this video useful here on

Magus muse maybe consider subscribing

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but till next time I love putting again

very shortly

catch you later bye