Java 3D Game Development 51: Tour of the Town

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hello everyone and welcome to this

week's gains of Elliman log video diary

and this week I have a huge amount to

show you such as the improved animation

system new features in the world editor

and loads of new models so we'll start

off with the animation system which I've

been redoing this week in preparation

for the big upcoming combat system

update unfortunately I haven't changed

any of the actual animations so they're

still as bad as ever but I do now have a

few more features in the animation

system firstly in the old system the

player could only do one animation at


so it could do with running animation or

it could do an attack animation but it

couldn't do both at once so this week I

changed the system so that there are now

two different types of animations

movement animations like running walking

jumping turning etc and also action

animations which are basically

everything else at any time the player

can now carry out one movement animation

and also one action animation you can

still do movement animations on their

own and you can still do action

animations on their own but you can also

now do them at the same time meaning

that the player can move and attack all

at once as well as that I also wanted to

add a feature that would allow any bone

in the model to have an extra rotation

added to it so that I could program any

bone to face in any direction if

necessary and that's what I've done here

allowing me to control the top half of

the players body with the mouse no

matter what animation it's doing finally

I also realized that my current movement

system wouldn't work very well in combat

because rotating the player with the a

and D keys made it very hard to aim

accurately at anything so I programmed a

new movement system which now uses the

mouse to control the player's rotation

giving you much more control over your

aim you still move the player forwards

and backwards with the w and s keys but

you can also now strafe using the a and

D keys and this is where the feature

that I was just talking about comes into

use because it allowed me to rotate the

players upper body to always face

forward despite the lower body facing in

a different direction away from the

animation system I also added some new

features to the world editor firstly

you'll see that I've implemented

different categories in the entities tab

making it much easier to find the entity

that you want to place secondly I also

made it possible to now place mobs into

the world just like you would place any

normal entity this generates a text file

with information about the mobs which I

can then give to the server to read and

therefore it allows the server to spawn

mobs in the chosen locations as well as

that entities now have a Y position

slider allowing you to change their

height in the world there's also a plane

placement option which allows you to

choose a height for all entities to be

placed on instead of them automatically

being placed onto the terrain and

finally there's a randomized rotation

option which is good for when you're

placing plants and trees and you don't

want to have to manually rotate each one

back in the game there are a huge number

of new models that you guys have been

making over the holidays and I've been

putting as many of them as possible into

the world so I'm just going to take you

on a quick tour around the world to show

off some of these new amazing models

also while my player makes his way over

to the town I've started up a new album

on my Facebook page which is eventually

going to contain pictures of all the

models that you guys have been making

once they're added to the game so if you

want to have a look at what everyone has

been creating then do follow the link in

the description and if you want to get

involved yourself then send me an email

and I'll give you links to the dev kit


any other resources that you'll need so

here we are arriving at the town we just

went through the new entrance and you'll

have also seen that there are now some

stone walls going all the way around the

town and they've all been added in since

last time in the town itself we've got

some very nice-looking house models I

think there are three new ones in total

and I'm slowly replacing all of the old

houses with these much better-looking

ones here on the right you can see a new

market stool that looks like it's

selling some pots and stuff if we go

past these old house models on the right

you'll be able to see the watchtower

that was also added this week and coming

up on the left there are also a couple

of new models like that new lamp model

there and that darker market stool I

updated the texture for the leaves on

these trees on the right here so that

they look slightly more realistic than

they did a couple of new ferns on the

Left which you'll recognize from the

tutorial series that's a new lamp that

we just went past the one with the fire

we're just going to take a left here

past the church pass that new bench down

there which was also added in this week

and I think if we follow this path or

you up to the top it should lead us

straight back to the town center just in

time for the sunset but that is it for

this week next week I'm going to be

finishing my work on the animation

system and I'll also be releasing the

updated dev kits with animation support

so do let me know if you're interested

in making some animations for the game

after that I'll be starting work on an

improved weapons and armor system before

moving on to the combat system itself

but yeah thank you guys very much for

watching this video thanks to everyone

involved with making content for the

game names are in the description below

do subscribe if you haven't already have

a fantastic week and I will see you all

next time