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hello and welcome back to our channel

today we're gonna have so much fun

working toward developmental milestones

for your seven-month-old

baby ainsley's gonna help us as we work

toward these milestones she's gonna be

our model which is a pretty dang cute


she's going to demonstrate some of the

activities we're going to be doing today

so today we're going to be starting off

with gross motor milestones so these are

movements of big muscle groups

especially arms and

legs moving the whole limb our first

milestone that we're going to be working


is that at this age your child should be

getting to the point where them can be

sitting up unassisted without using

their arms for support

the activity we're going to be doing to

work toward this milestone

is regaining the sitting position with

your child in a sitting position you can

hold on to their hands

and just rock them forward and backward

and side to side

really helping them to gain their

balance this activity will really help


to improve their equilibrium and to be

better at balancing on their own

good job ainsley our next gross motor

milestone is that your child may be able

to move using

like an army crawl crawling with their

arms not necessarily their legs

for this activity you're going to want

to take one of your child's favorite


and sit on the ground just out of their


and as they reach for it if it's a

little too close you can move it a

little further away

just encouraging them to move forward as

much as they can

you want to make sure though that after

a few tries your child

does get a hold of the toy otherwise

they may lose interest

and stop working toward that skill now

we're gonna head into those

fine motor milestones which are

milestones that have to do with their

finger muscles

our first fine motor goal is being able

to hold an

object in one hand while observing an


in another to work on this milestone we

are going to be banging

objects together for this activity all

you need are two

small toys for your baby to bang

together so i've got

two little shaker eggs here

i'm gonna offer those to the baby



and here's the ball two toys

our next fine motor goal is that your

baby is starting to develop the ability

to clap

to practice this we are going to do some

clapping games

so just hold your baby by the forearm so

that their hands are accessible

and play some clapping games if you're

happy and you know


eyes as you can

this cognitive milestone that we're

going to be working toward is that at

this age your child may react to seeing

other babies by babbling or making

sounds the best way to work toward this

milestone is just to give your child

lots of exposure a great way to do that

is by setting up play dates with friends

so at this age while you might be

looking for that

reaction to seeing another baby at this

age they'll do what's called parallel

play where they both play

next to each other but they don't really

interact very

at much age your child may have a strong

tendency to taste

suck or just in general bring everything

to their mouth

as a way of exploring the world around

them we're going to be working toward

this milestone

just by eating so we're going to take a

few different foods with very different

textures and we're going to let ainsley



and strawberry

next we are going to move into those

speech milestones which have to do with

your child's ability to understand

language as well as express it

themselves the first milestone is that

your baby is beginning to expand

the variety of vowels and consonants

that they are saying

and right now it is simply repeating

that same sound today we are practicing

those sounds out at the water table and


encouraging baby to make those sounds

and repeating them back to her

yeah yeah yeah yeah

our next speech milestone is going to be

experimenting with taking turns talking

and the way that we're gonna practice

this is simply pretend like you're

having a conversation

let your baby babble and then take your

own turn

how is my happy girl

are you so happy today


you are so happy today

the next set of milestones we're going

to be working toward are sensory

milestones these are anything having to

do with how your child takes in sensory

information whether that's

visual information or auditory

information or even

tactile information there's only really


sensory milestone that we're going to be

working toward and that's that your


may begin to pay more attention

especially to

subtle sounds so what you're going to

want to do is introduce some subtle

sounds and encourage your child

to pay attention to them the first way

that we're going to be doing this

is by using a watch we're going to be

listening for

the tick tock sound that a watch makes


oh this is a watch watch makes a tick

tock sound do you hear it do you hear

the tick tock sound

where's the

there watch is where's the tick tock

do you hear it over here yeah

you found the tick tock sound at about

seven months a social emotional goal for

your baby they're going to begin

experiencing separation anxiety this is

the time

where they're starting to realize that

baby and mama are actually different

people and that mama can be away to help

a baby with her new

found social anxiety a great activity

that you can do is just giving her

social experience so we have some family

here today and we are going to practice

and we're going to practice being

without mama for a little bit of time so

we've got miss bella here

go see bella go ahead and take her

there we go


the more your baby is exposed to other

people the better she will be able to

manage that separation anxiety

you want to go see cousin cassie


between 7 and 10 months your baby will


to wave bye bye to practice this in

every opportunity you can

just help your little one to wave by by

taking them by the hand and showing them

what that is

soon enough they'll be doing it on their

own bye bye


thanks everyone for joining us for our

seven month old developmental activities

today do us a favor if these videos are

useful for you or if there's anything

that you would like to see please let us

know in the comments if you have a

toddler aged child

our 20 month old developmental milestone


will be coming out here next and in the

meantime go ahead and check out our

summer activities for babies that just

went live last week thank you again for

joining us until next time

bye-bye here's a good time to practice


bye bye bye bye



thank you so much