Easy way to develop B/W film | Ilford HP5+ 400 @1600

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hello guys welcome back to our Channel

and welcome to another video today I

want to show you how I develop black and

white film I've made videos talking

about or showing you how I develop c41

and a six slide film but now it's time

to show you how I develop black and

white film and I will push this roll of

HP 5 to 1600 I shot this in Bangkok on

my Leica m6 and that's what we're gonna

do now I would say first of all let's

clean up here so we have some room and

then I will show you what you will need

to develop like an white film alright

guys what you need is a developing tank

and changing back of course some

developer in this case it's kodak HD 110

some water thermometer here a measuring

cup a small measuring cup a fixer some

wetting agent but more on that later

might come handy to use awesome kitchen

towels here because I'm doing this on my

table here my studio table usually I

would do it in the kitchen or in the

bathroom but I mean it's easier to film

in here so that's why I'm doing this

today in here and you also need some

scissors first of all you need the roll

of film and you need to get the film

into the developing tank but this has to

be in complete darkness so you cannot

expose the film to any light whatsoever

and for that we use the changing back

here but you might ask how can you get

the film onto the reel in the changing

back basically because you cannot see

because how it works your hands are in

there and I mean you cannot see what

you're doing right so what you will do

what you want to do is um or what I do

when it works pretty well for me so if

the film leader is still sticking out

what I will do I will just cut it down

because then it becomes easier to get

the film onto the reel what if the film

is not sticking out and what can you do

I mean some people they use a bottle

opener to

get this open but what I do and that

works pretty well for me because I don't

need anything else um I would just grab

the film canister here and I will just

rip it open which is pretty easy and of

course I do this in here in the changing

back that is very important don't do

this outside because then your film is

pretty much ruined so I get everything

in here I get the canister in here the

developing tank in here with the reels I

get the scissors in here and the film

and then I will rip this open but just

get an idea how this works let me show

you just just like this that's enough

and then you can get the film out the

film the tank and the scissors are now

in the changing back here and so now I'm

getting the whole film out of the

canister I'm cutting it here and I will

get the real you can see that looks and

usually I grip the film like this first

of all hold the reel so it's easy to

figure out where the film has to gain

because it's the bearings here and it's

fairly easy so I grab the phone here I

will slide it in here like this and at

this point I will just put my thumb's on

here and then


so as you can see the film is now on the



I'm putting the lid on and that's it


alright here we go here's the film in

the tank and the next step would be to

pre wash at the film and for that I just

use tap water so this tank takes point

five liters um but there's only one roll

film in there so I don't need it up need

to fill it up all the way but usually I

just put some tap water in and let it

sink sit there for roughly five minutes

and in the meantime we will mix the

developer and by the way the tank that

I'm using is a perishing tank and I will

leave links to all the supplies you

would need for doing this and the

description box alright

I will use some kitchen towel so I don't

mess up my table here and I need the

developer the measuring cup here some

water the water is at 20 degrees 20

degrees Celsius exactly the temperature

that I will meet with HC 110 I usually

use delusion B I need 16 milliliters of

developer and the rest the 484

milliliters is basically water at 20

degrees Celsius


right 16 milliliters I mean it's if it's

a little bit more it's not a big deal so

I fill this up into the measuring cup

here all right we go and now


all right that's pretty much it now I

will wait a little bit longer

for the pre bath alright guys now it's

roughly 5 minutes later and I will pour

the the pre bath I have this big bucket

down here so I will pour it in there so

usually I would do this in your sink but

there's nothing here so on all right

um now it's time to pour in the

developer and I have an app on my phone

but I will post the screenshot so you

can see it right now and for pushing HP

5 to 1600 using HC 110 delusion B which

is 1 + 31 at 20 degrees Celsius the

developing time is 11 minutes and that's

what we're gonna do today also you can

use the massive def chart it's a free

website where you can and they also have

an app and you can use that to figure

out what the developing time is for the

water temperature and also for the

developer and the film that you are

going to develop alright I would say

that start this up


all right I will now educate the first

minutes give it a little bump so there's

no air bubbles sticking to the film once

a minute I will agitate for five seconds

so in the meantime you can do whatever

you want the bump let's wait another

minute one reason I'm sticking to HC 110

is shorter developing times and good

result so it's almost perfect and it's

easy very easy to handle you don't have

to mix it up with some powder whatever's

already comes here as a concentrate so

you just pour some water in that's

basically it so that's why I really like

HC 110


okay the time is now up and I will now

pour on the developer into the bucket

down here so some people would use a

stop bath but I don't have a stop F and

I've never used it and more an efficient

enough is just some tap water so that's

what I'm going to use now so I've just

prepared some tap water in some bottles

here and we're gonna put this in here

and this will start play developer


obviously this is much easier if you do

this if you have your sink nearby

but just to show you guys how easy it is

you can also do it without a sink


okay let's pour this all right let's

pour this


so some people have rings it for a long

time but I think that's more than

efficient it's all as there was just one

roll of film in you so that should be

enough next up would be the fixer and

usually I use ephod rapid fixer but when

I wanted to order some was so loud it

was not in stock so I used this which is

auto fix Plus which is pretty much the

same thing it's very similar you use one

hundred milliliters and of this and four

hundred milliliters of water and mix it

up that's what I've done in here and now

I'm going to pour this in the tank

all right so this whole process takes

three to four minutes on set up the

timer all right

it also agitate like before for the

first minutes it's probably more than an

e2 but I have nothing to do in the

meantime so that's okay


all right the time is almost over okay

now it's time to pour the fixer back in

here because you can you reuse them so

that's why


all right that's the fixer and now

basically we're almost done

we need to rinse one more time depending

on the water you're using if you're

using two if you're using distilled

water for rinsing then pretty much you

can almost stop here but because here

the water is pretty hard I don't have

any streaks or stains on the film that's

why I have to add one more step here and

that is to use this in here which is a

wedid wetting agent and this prevents

streaks so and stains on the film and it

works pretty well


now we'll let this the film sit in here

for roughly two minutes all right that

should be enough let's pour a peg in a B

you can also reuse this so I will pour

it back okay guys that's pretty much it

on the film is now developed and the

last thing that I will do is just tap it



that helps to dry up the film

I used to use on a salad spinner for

doing this and that also works pretty

well but I mean you're lazy then this is

the way to go and it works alright guys

that's it the film is developed and I

will now use those hangers here and I

will hang it in the bathroom let the

film dry this will roughly take one hour

and the reason I'm doing this in the

bathroom is because that's the room

where you most like these almost dust

free because if you take a shower the

dust particles would get filtered out of

the the air in the that's why

the bathroom is best for doing this

because you don't want to have a lot of

dust on your film all right guys one

hour later the film is finally dry and

let's have a look on the light table

here yep

looks pretty good to me as you just saw

it's very easy to develop black and

white film at home I mean yes you can

put much more effort into it and

especially when it comes to agitation a

lot of people have their their way of

doing it for me the way I'm doing it it

worked for hundreds of world so it's

pretty good and it's pretty reliable and

gives me

consistent results if you want to try

this at home which I would advise

because it's very very easy especially

right now a lot of people are stuck at

home and maybe that's something you can

try now

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and as always guys if you liked the

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would see each other very soon and the

next one until then our fee design