How to improve and develop our visualization skills in Drawing

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hi hello everyone and welcome to my

channel ring quad and today's topic is

how to draw any object and how to

increase our relation on that object

suppose I am suppose I'm doing this

pencil as a object and if I am growing

like this in my visualization I should

know how it will look when I will draw

it like this or like this for the time

being I am showing you the object in

different angles but if suppose you are

drawing some imaginary object that time

you don't have the object in front of

you so you need to visualize it so this

topic is regarding the visualization how

to improve your visualization so what

are the practices we need to do we will

learn today in today's topic we are

going to learn so let us get started

first I'll tell you on a simple object

that is rectangle so first draw a



do it very roughly it it is not about

your drawing it's about your

visualization so this is a triangle as

you can see so this is simple in 2d

simple now what you could do you could

do like this is a flat one you can see

only one side of a rectangle you don't

know whether it has some dimension or

not so this is a flat one so if I will

go to the next drawing and I lashed in

here so now you can see two dimension

now you can say that it has two

dimension well this is a 2d image

because you can see two side okay so

this is 2d image it can be done like

this as well


in this image you can see the top part

of the rectangle and here also the same

condition is there you can see two

dimension that is 2d this and this are

same but thing is that here you can see

sideways now in this scene as you can

see the top view this is the thing so

this is pretty easy for you to do and

visualize this come in 2d to dimension

okay now we'll go to 3d part so here I

am doing the same rectangle


now I'll do this one see okay so water

will draw a line either to this line but

here I'll not draw this line slant line

here what I will do I will draw this

line here so this will be parallel to

this okay and again I will come here and

I will do this line here and two lines

are there according to that I'll draw a

parallel line so now you have two

rectangle which I told you earlier in

this how you can see the top view as

well as the side view also so here you

can see three sides hence it is called

3d image three dimension so you can a

vice versa site like you can flip it

this part can come this side so this is

your visualization like you have to

practice this type of thing so what I am

going to do is I will draw a rectangle

once again in this practice like this is

a practice for visualization so don't

think more outer drawing you should not

like it should not be perfect or

rectangle in this case while you are

practicing concentrate on the

visualization part because there is more

important later on you can do the

drawing you can correct the drawing you

have to concentrate on in this

particular chapter is visualization so

how it will look from other side

you can darken the line where you

required so this is the opposite of

opposite of this if a person is standing

over here you can see sorry if a person

is standing over here you can see this

side as well this side so what more

angle you can are draw with this

rectangle so this is what I told you

till now is is horizontal so what I will

do right now is I will go for vertical


so what I will do I'll make this box in

the straight way in a vertical way like

this and do the same exercise as you

have done over here this is in

horizontal way so two sides are visible

here also you can do the same way so

these type of practices are very

important mm4 for example you have to

grow some fries refrigerator or some box

this is very helpful for you so what do

you do here in vertical form also you

have to practice this as this and here

also you have to do the same


so now the main thing here is over to D

so we'll go for 3 D


this is flat one now what I will do will

draw your own line same here also and

here also ok now I'll do the parallel

line with these two okay you can do it

slowly no tissue you got it later on if

you want to get up you can turn your

face you can do all the rectification if

you want to do it but first thing you

need to find out the shape and the your

visualization on the paper then only you

can do the cleanup so there is more

important okay this is 3d then again you

have to flip it and do like this

that you can do right so it is vertical

so till now what we learn we have to

practice this flat first any any object

you can take this is the flat one or

rectangle triangle square okay so go for

this and this is a simple basic one

basic one so it's not that much stuff

for you you can practice it every day

this is looking very simple but it is

very helpful in your digital life

referred interested to grow anything in

future so these are the things you have

to do like I have told you in my earlier

videos that you have to practice lines

and circles every day and you can

include this type of drawing also

visualisation station then you can

include in your practice this is called

visualization session so practice it

okay will will increase our little level

so what will do how to put more stress

on your visualization so till now this

is very flat you could draw a rectangle

which is the base this one is the base

which I told you here

is the base out of this you have to make

the dimension so in every drawing you

could do this forced and you will

increase or you like extend the part and

the 3d or 2d part will appear so next

what we are going to do is we'll think

different like suppose the box this box

or this box is falling from top and it's

on the middle of the air so how it will

look a low first horizontal suppose it

may be 2d or it may be 3d so if you are

good in 2d then go for 3d like I am

doing this


so try to connect the points like this

line this line and this length should be

parallel okay so the thing will come in

front of you say this is the rough thing

you can clean it up any time it's not a

big issue but thing is that you should

find out the thing which is there in

your mind and look good and perfect

correct okay this you can do what more


this line means you could or this thing




so this table accessories you can do and

after doing this you can take in a

matchbox because it is also a rectangle

and you can see different angle and you

can draw accordingly so but things that

you should not just look and draw first

visualize your image ition just see your

object first and visualize it how it

will look in different angles there is

more important and you know this type of

exercises exercises are very important

to draw any other object also if it is

not a rectangle or some other thing it

is there then also it is happily helpful

how I will tell you some of you to draw

a hand of a human being


this is rough and often even me and how

this type of rectangle or disturb

Alexis's will helpful to draw this type

of hands or some other things I'll tell

you that see if this is the hand this is

you will say this is a circular object

or circular thing how we can apply these

rectangles in this I will tell you that

see this is shoulder that you can do

with a box is a box another one this

part biceps and triceps part

this is 404 that also you can do but I

will not do separate with the reached I

will add this both this is thin this is

thick so I am doing a premie now the

pump the thumb fingers


so these are the books what we did over

here and it will be very helpful for you

to point the dimension the volume of the

object what you are doing so while we

are learning we have to do all the

things human anatomy and these type of

boxes so that we will find the dimension

where the depth is there where the light

source is coming

everything will find out in this so try

this type of drawings this type of

object drawing instead of doing this

human anatomy and all that is a

different level so don't go for that

that also I will tell you how to

practice but go for object first of all

or increase your visualization power

which is more important if you can

visualize anything then you can draw

anything you need to practice your lines

circles every day and these type of

drawings this I told you about rectangle

you can do with triangle also is your

triangle and this is the base so out of

this you can extend C can extend it and

this part is the extension is looking

now to D you can make it a little more

complicated by doing different angles

suppose I am doing this triangle like

this and I will add here and here the


this length is try to find out the line

here you it can't be like this because

this lines should be parallel and you

have to keep in mind this visualization

you will get in this idea also you will

get gradually that's why I am telling

you keep reading and practicing you'll

find out the mistakes no what we already

fished before and now we are very clear

so use also slowly understand what is

the problem you are doing what is the

problem you are facing so slowly slowly

everything will be fine to little

complicated first go for basic one then

go for little complicated

you can add some I did some object like

this you can add dough to this you can

make some object out of this





so this line is the you can make a

matchbox out of this


add more lines

if you want to add something so you can

do anything here you can make a break


you can add some dimension inside this

is it and I am I am trying to tell you

about the visualization in my first

session I told you about some shapes and

I told you about this type of practices

which I am telling you now so what you

have to do triangle rectangle

square but keep in mind if you are doing

square means it should be square it

should not look rectangle square means

equal from all side okay but as you are

doing like you are practicing so it is

okay it is not like you should be

perfectly same measurement it's not like

it just it should look like square it

should not look like rectangle there is

a big difference between rectangle and

square so keep in mind do more points

out of that do some extraordinary poses

then only it will be like you should

give stress to your mind what you can

think thinking is easy but you should

draw on the paper there is more

challenging so try it out what I have

told you and and tell me your suggestion

if you have any and tell me how or you

liked this video and what else you want

to learn in my next video I may upload

some little small basic shading for this

type of object so that it will look

little 3d or type and more dimension

will be added in that because you know

if we are adding some shading half we

are adding some shading then it will

look more real soil


this simple circle is there and I'm

adding little shade over here though it

is not a proper shading but you can feel

it is on the ground so those are the

things I'll upload very soon and stay

tuned to my channel and stay connected

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