Attempting to Learn 3D Game Development in One Week

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hey I'm Stephen and I make games or I

tried to at least however looking back

I've come to realize that pretty much

all of the games I've made so far have

been 2d platformers which doesn't

exactly make for a very diverse

portfolio so this week I decided to

change that this week I wanted to learn

how to make 3d games and then being a

fan of doing dumb things I thought it

would be a fun idea to charge myself to

do it all in 7 days yeah it went about

as well as you'd expect let's get into


we'll start at day zero

not because I'm zero indexing but

because I'm straight-up not counting it

because nothing really happened

that's because day zero was spent

researching because quite frankly I had

no idea would even start there were just

so many options and ways I could have

approached this ranging from creating my

own game engine to using tools like

unity however after a bit of googling I

quickly decided that I would do the game

engine instead of writing my own because

what even is this so eventually I

managed to narrow my choices down to

three different game engines Unreal

Engine Godot and unity these are all

very capable game engines but ultimately

I decided on unity for the following

reasons it's powerful and can do a lot

of things its scripting languages C

sharp which I already know and most

importantly it has a massive community

which means there's a lot of tutorials

and a lot of code I can copy from Stack

Overflow and so what's that out of the

way I got to it pretty much all of day

one was spent learning the basics I did

some research on how unity worked and

followed the tutorial from brackets on

how to make a basic unity game we play

as a cube sliding down a long cube and

avoiding wide cubes and a couple hours

later I had my first functioning unity

game pretty exciting stuff well the fact

that I had just made my first game was

exciting at least the game itself not so

much and so I did my best to fix that by

replacing all the obstacles with some

guy named Erica downloaded off the

internet personally I think it was a

massive success and I'm waiting on my

game of the Year award who is that I

feel satisfied with my progress for the

day so I decided to hit the stack and

get some sleep

Daten was filled with just as much

excitement as day one in fact it was

probably even better as that was the day

I managed to get ragdolls working now

personally I'm of the belief that

ragdolls are one of the best things to

happen to video games ever since I was

an infant I would play games like Grand

Theft Auto and dreamed of the day that I

too could create my very own vehicular

manslaughter simulator so obviously

making a rag doll was very high in the

priority list of what to learn and on

day two I did exactly that first I

started off simple and tried to get just

a basic rag doll working I downloaded

some random model off the internet and

put it through the built-in unity

ragdoll generator and it was a massive

success I now had a ragdoll character

that would Bend and flop in a very

entertaining manner I then spent the

next hour throwing various objects at it

but after a while that got a little

boring so I started looking online for

more things to mercilessly beat with

primitive shapes when I came to the

shocking realization that there just

weren't very many good for unity models

on the Internet

and so I decided that in order to fully

master unity I also had to master making

models for unity and for that I had to

learn 3d modeling so after a bit more

googling I decided that the best way for

me to make models for unity was his

blender which is a powerful widely used

and most importantly free 3d modeling

tool and so I hopped back onto Google

and started learning how to use it and a

couple hours later I had successfully

modelled my very own ragdoll man and

also a Glock and by then I was getting

pretty late so I wrapped things up for

the day

day three was pretty epic I messed

around with fractals a bit more and

managed to set up a player controlled

active ragdoll Singh which is basically

a ragdoll that can be controlled by

animations and stuff took a bit of time

to implement but eventually I got a

really jank but entertaining act of

ragdoll working and then of course

spending our jumping on things however

it is cold after a while so I decided to

try making an actual game using what I

had learned so far

I decided on making a first-person

shooter because my creativity knows no

bounds so I created a new project set up

a player added some enemies and oh wait

there's no animations now this was

obviously a big problem because as funny

as this is it just is a very immersive

so I said off to fix and tried to learn

how to animate so I hopped back into

blender fired up some tutorials and got

to it it was a little tricky at first

but eventually I was able to animate the

model I had created earlier and maybe

stick reload animation and even sick the

reload animation and also this and after

creating that monstrosity I lost all

faith in myself and decided to call it

quits for the day eventually day 4

rolled around and a semi managed to

force myself to keep working on the

challenge day 4 was actually pretty

productive and I managed to complete the

basic gameplay for the FPS game I had

started the day before I modeled some

new hands for the player made some

animation set up an active ragdoll

system for the enemies because ragdolls

said for shooting Systema learned how to

use particles and line renders and stuff

and implemented some basic gameplay

it looks kind of bad and with a little

jank but it still exceeded my

expectations so I was pretty happy with

it and a couple hours later day 5 rolls

around on day 5 I pretty much just

worked on the FPS game some more I did

some reading up on post-processing and

pretty much grabbed every single effect

because on this channel we only accept

the best of graphics I also went in

replaced the bullet line saying was a

lightning particle system which I

initially thought would look cool but

ended up kind of bad however I was too

lazy to remove it so it's here now then

I added a couple new mechanics like

sliding which functions some low is just

sliding in games like titanfall and

warframe except they in my version you

speed up a ton when sliding because um I

don't really know why actually

then I added punching which basically

well punches things I made this to a ton

a knock-back on enemies and also made it

temporarily disable the joint to put

them back into pure ragdoll mode which

allowed for some pretty epic combos and

so that was pretty cool but things got a

bit boring after a while because while

these ragdoll guys are entertaining they

don't make for very good conversation so

I decided to make the game multiplayer I

did some research watch some tutorial

and after a few hours was able to

convert the game to multiplayer I then

forced my friend to play and absolutely

destroyed him because I'm just that good

at video games the next day I was

feeling pretty good about things the FPS

game I had made it turned out far better

than I thought I would and I really

wanted to keep working on it

however it was day 6 already which meant

I only had around 2 days left so I

decided to try learning something new so

I started a new project and messed

around with unity terrain editor and

then made a nice relaxing forest walking

simulator except I didn't find out all

that immersive as the player was just a

cylinder Singh which is not what actual

people look like ELISA that I know of so

I decided to give the player an actual

body to really emulate the walking

experience so I took the human model

from earlier and I made it and slapped

it onto the player and everything seemed

to be going well until I noticed this

yeah the player animations are made for

flat ground and this terrain is dummy


so it doesn't match up very well so I

began thinking of ways to fix this and

after a while came up with two feasible

solutions one way was to use the active

ragdoll system I'd implemented earlier

that way the length would be affected by

physics and would be moved by the

terrain except the ragdolls while fun

aren't the most reliable and can produce

some pretty silly results which while

good for sillier games didn't fit the

serious emotional story driven walking

game that I was going for so that leaves

us with the second option inverse

kinematics basically inverse kinematics

as a way to calculate how to get the

endpoint of a limb to a certain position

by rotating the bones in the limb using

some math and programming and this

turned out to be exactly what we needed

for our legs by doing something like a

ray cast downwards and finding the

position of the ground relative to the

light we can then use inverse kinematics

to set the leg to move there and so I

got to it I did some research and after

some time was able to set up a basic

robot arm saying that I could control

basically it takes this ball here the

target and tries to move the end of the

arm to it and that worked pretty well so

I started implementing it onto a moving

body I first took a basic cube attached

to legs to it and added some code to

balance the Kievan to put the feet on

the ground this worked pretty well while

the key was standing but while moving

well he is a very immersive so I got to

work on fixing that I first made some

modifications to the inverse kinematics

system where the loom would stick to the

ground instead of follow the body then I

made a check so that if the current limb

position is too far from the body it

steps towards the body and sticks again

after a whole lot of time I got it

working pretty well and I'm quite happy

with it however a walking heel was the

little boring for my tastes so I made a

robot body attached to the cube and made

a couple improvements

so yeah I made well a mistake this was a


anyways after creating that thing I

decided to finally apply inverse

kinematics to the player this actually

turned to be a lot simpler than the

walking Cuban the thing we don't talk

about as the animations were already in

place all I had to do without a check to

see if the lugs were underground and

then using force kinematics to move them

upwards I think it turned out fairly

well however there is a slight bit of

clipping on larger slopes but it's

pretty minor and not very noticeable so

I just left it and then just for fun I

added a couple more creatures like this

one-legged boy

this pink tentacle sing a tall boy in

the Boston Dynamics robot dog oh yeah I

also had two kicking in with science day

6 and finally day 7 came around now by

day 7 I felt like I had a pretty solid

grasp on unity so I decided that like at

the end of any learning experience I

should make a CSIS project you know my

magnum opus my Monalisa the result of me

putting everything I've learned so far

to use however I got a little

sidetracked and um didn't it was going

well at first right and I was setting up

a new project when suddenly I had a

brilliant idea that I just couldn't

ignore I would make a vr game I mean

just imagine the Jenk ragdolls and um

shenanigans possible in virtual reality

and it just so happened that I had

recently gone my hands on an oculus rift

test so I got right to it did a bit of

googling in a while later I managed to

set up my first VR game I then took the

creatures from the forest game and the

gun from the shooter improved them a

little and bam VR game baby

I then added a few extra things like

allowing enemies to be grabbed because I

mean just look at this India that's been

my experience with the unity so far it's

been interesting but I had fun and I'm

excited to make more dumplings and unity

in the future but now the big question

did I succeed in the challenge

personally I think I did the goal after

all was to make a 3d game not a good one

and I did make a game idea I think I'm

going to end it here but before I do

make sure to hit like and sub so you

don't miss my next video creating the

world's first sentient artificial

intelligence in one week until then

thanks for watching I'll see you next