Speech Milestones for a 2 Year Old

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For many children's the age of two is

where words turn into sentences and they

learn how to tell stories to those

around them

and they don't stop however it's not

always this way

so tell me Teagan where should a

two-year-old be in terms of speech development

so at two they're following

some instructions usually two part

instructions at least so you know go and

get me the ball and the duck okay so that

should be easy. Um understanding and

answering some basic WH questions what,

where, who?That shouldn't be too hard.

if you're reading a book and you ask

them to find the dog that's eating

something like that they should be able

to find the dog that's eating yeah so in

terms of talking though we've usually at

least fifty words at least

That they use over and over and over.

It might be things like mum, dad, milk, biscuit, dog.

Things that are meaningful to a

child's life at two years of age usually

food, favourite toys, parents.

But in addition to that putting two words together

More milk,

One more, all done, um daddy gone, my and

mine come out around this age because

they're starting to get that concept of sharing

and turn taking. So it might be my turn or

you know my ball

usually whilst they're snatching it back.

My ball. So we're starting to put two words

together around this age as well.

No, is usually very very very very common

definitely we got "no" by now yep

because they're at that age where they

want you to control their alignment know


They want you to control their environment

yeah and that's very much why some

people call it the terrible twos is that

sense of I wanna control what's happening an no is

a very, very powerful word.

So we at least have that by now.

so to two years is really fun there's so

much talking and it's very spontaneous

and random and you never really know

what's going to come out of their mouths next.

yes mine once said monkey to a man at Bunnings

That didn't go down very well.


so what are things that may be cause for concern then?

so when you're not seeing some

of those key milestones I guess when

you're not getting a lot of words you

know if you're less than 50 or not

really attempting to put some words

together we would start to be a bit

concerned you might you would still

expect that maybe you can understand a

lot more than other people that's

totally fine but you should know what

their words are and there should be

plenty of words they should be able to

go and follow a few instructions when

you tell them to go and do two things

They should be able to do that.

Yep, ok.

So what are something to try at home then?

If they're not having a lot of

words give you them a choice do you want


I was going to do Vegemite and peanut butter

But then i thought really long words and that will just

trip many two-year-olds up.

Ok so like, apple banana

Yep apple or banana? Yep so

you're forcing them to have a go or

something okay you might give them a

little bit at a time and with hold the

rest of the banana. "Oh you want some

more banana?" Okay so you creating

opportunities and you're basically

forcing them to talk but in a really

motivating way because if I have a

go at saying something I'm gonna get that

banana yep really good one to do. Things

you can put things out of reach insight

but out of reach so they have to ask for help

for you to get that down so you're

setting up what we called

communication temptations but basically

it's a fancy way of saying you're making

their life that tiny bit harder so that

they have to communicate something with you.

It's also amusing you know

watching the child try and grab

something they can't get.

Until they start climbing.

I'm an awful mother really.

So as parents we need to keep a close eye on the

development of our children and it's

normal to feel a little worried

sometimes but there's no need if you

have any concerns at all about your

child's development give the team at talk

time speech and language pathology a

call Teagan and a team of love to hear

from you and help you