How to EASILY Load a Roll of 120 Film for Developing in a Paterson Tank.

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hey guys okay so what I'm gonna do here

I'm gonna go over how to load a roll of

120 film which is what I've got in my

hand here

it's called roll film it's considered

medium format it can be taken in by

different cameras and like a 6 by 9 6 by

I think 14 like for a panoramic camera 6

by 7 6 by 6 which is obviously a square

and 6 by 4 point 5 which is commonly

referred to as 645 that's the ones that

I'm aware of anyway it's a as you can

see it's a good size roll film this

particular roll kind of got messed up

because the I dropped my beloved camera

follow my voice land or betsa to like

kind of but I did more than drop it okay

it flew off of the trunk of my car I put

it on the trunk forgot it was there I

was getting my my bicycle off the off of

the rack and that Voigtlander you know

when I opened up the trunk it uh it took

a pretty nasty fall easily 6 feet onto

the concrete so I sent it back to Durgin

Durgan creakle was a wonderful man that

that sells these cameras and refurbishes

mcl lays them on ebay I've bought a

couple of cameras from him he's he's

really good ok so back to this as you

can see here it says exposed right they

come wrapped like this new

and open this one is to kind of show you

what it looked like before it's exposed

these are both roles of port drop this

one obviously has not been exposed

it doesn't say not exposed but it's just

you know it's yellow though the other

label showing and once you reach the end

of the spool it's not like 35-millimeter

where you rewind it back into this bowl

it just goes from one side of the camera

picture and on and then it's wound into

the other side

so therefore this you know once it's

exposed this is what its gonna look like

okay so I've got here Patterson tank

okay this is the top this is the center

spool that I'll show you how what that

does to keep the tank light tight and

this is the spoke to take-up spool now

these things are pretty cool if you put

them together like this you can see

they're the proper width for a

35-millimeter if you take them apart

like that spread them out a little bit

and kind of find the fun notch there you

go now it's set up for 120 film same

spool of same real same take-up reel

this is a spool right here okay so you

put this pool in the middle goes inside

be a tank on top of the you know the

film would be weld onto here and you can

see its got like grooves and it's got

these these two ball bearings and I'm

gonna show you exactly how to how to do

that properly but you notice these two

ball bearings here they kind of

facilitate the ratcheting action you get

to film what you do first you you line

up these two notches here make sure

these are in you know together even you

roll the film to here and then you just

start this ratcheting action and you

know and then eventually it makes its

way onto there

it goes inside here and if you notice

this center tube there lines up with

this funnel with these part of the

funnel right here inside the tank when

it goes in what happens is these two

guys kind of come together inside okay

then you close that till it clicks and

it's like tight so you can pour your

chemicals inside there right

while you are in regular you know room

light day light what have you but but

but obviously since the film cannot be

exposed to light otherwise it'll be

ruined you've got to do all of this

inside this this is a changing bag dark

bag film bag whatever you want to call

it but yeah arms going here


we put your arms in there right knock

this stuff over and you know you've got

all your stuff inside here see there's a

there's a dual zipper system you see

others two zippers there there's an

inner bag you put your stuff in there

zip it and then there's an the outer

zipper just to ensure that it's

completely light tight and then your

arms going through here and there's

elastic gear to keep light from leaking

and where your arms are going in so

anyway it takes a little practice

especially with the 120 film 35

millimeters a little bit easier but in

order to get all this stuff in there I'm

gonna show you how it works this role

was ruined when my camera took a flight

so I'm I have the unique opportunity

because I'll never waste film like that

so I got the unique opportunity to show

you guys how to how this works in


okay so here it is alright so in again

remember this is all happening inside

the changing bag

I think it's called alright so you kind

of have to commit to memory muscle

memory all this stuff works well the

pieces are and I bet I can show you some

tips okay first off unless you're gonna

take another roll don't ever take this

out of your camera they'll never take

this roll out of your camera and the

reason I say that is because sometimes

it's uh it might loosen up before you

get a chance to put that label on there

the sticky label that kind of holds it

in place and that actually happened to

me not very recently where I didn't you

know after exposing the roll I didn't

put the label on there in the in the

film was kind of like you know it was

wild on there kind of loosely okay now

just to show you a little bit you know

about this stuff here okay this is a you

know just a backing paper and as you're

gonna see

there's the film okay

they used together films is uh you do

some winding as you look through the you

know the camera or definitely there's so

many different kinds of cameras it's

done different ways but what happens

first is you go past this paper and then

and then you'll at some point get to

where the actual film is alright so what

I do in the in that changing bag I'll

get rid of this okay cuz this just kind

of gets in the way and sometimes it can

you know mess up your get caught up in

your spool so once I feel that film is

in there in the dark and in the changing

bag I tear this away don't eat it

alright and furthermore I'll take this

and you're you're good for the first uh

first few inches of the roll you're not

gonna hurt anything but I'll do that and

this has helped tremendously okay if you

can kind of take that severe curve out

of that part of it then that's that'll

help you a lot

so now you see how it's sitting straight

now versus how curly it was when it's

bat curly it's really hard to do

anything with it and load it up onto the

reel okay but you know take care to not

you know do any more than about this or

maybe this much more okay may save like

the first five or six inches I would try

to avoid executor touching that so

anyway I rolled it back lined up the the

two notches there see that and oh this

is so easier to daylight okay and then

you want what you want to do is you want

to get past these this little ball

bearing let me

okay you see the little ball bearings

there I guess you can see that right

there and there's one on each side line

up these two notches make sure they're

in the same position and fill them in

there till it hits the notches okay and

now it's just simply a matter of you

know starting the ratchet action you see

as you ratchet see like I show you this

way it's starting to you know go into

the take-up spool okay and it happens

pretty quickly 120 film isn't that long

you see this is the end already okay so

taking care not to touch any of this

what I do here once you filled it

there's nothing left of the film itself

see where these two are kind of taped

together just take that apart and again

you're good on this side here the last

frame is probably right around there

somewhere and then you want to take this

off if you don't want to take messing up

your chemicals they take there and

beyond that you just finish and one

thing I mentioned too when you're doing

the ratcheting try to keep your thumbs

just below the ratchet because they'll

you know that'll keep them from jumping

jumping over the little notch there okay

so that's basically it

the filament wound goes in the tank and

the Patterson tank okay and just you

know there's this is a pretty good

system this is the system three I think

it's called you can actually have a

second roll a second 120 roll or you can

have I believe I believe we can do three

thirty-five millimeter rolls one 120 and

135 or you can do to 120 rolls so it's a

good system

if you you know if you take a lot of

Philip photos like I do alright it goes

in there this guy the funnel goes on top

always make sure that this is you know

this is like this okay you don't want to

have it like you know let that okay cuz

then you're gonna lose your light

tightness you want to always make sure

that the tube is up top there and that

will that will marry up with it the

funnel will click it and just for as a

safeguard I put the top on and the top

is more to keep the chemicals from the

spilling out but you know if you just

want to be extra safe go ahead and put

the top on but you're okay cuz this is

completely like tight as long as you

remember two things those are the two

inside and the funnel making sure it

clicks once you've done that you're 100%

light-tight you're ready to go okay