How To Delete A Facebook Group 2020

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you guys Daniel here in this video I'm

going to show you how you can actually

delete one of your Facebook groups in

whatever multiple groups and you want to

clean that up

okay you won't just want to get quite a

few of them shaking in life and get all

the clutter of your groups that you've

created then you not even pretty much

dealing just want to get rid of them

that fist is actually quite hard because

they don't actually give you a clear

path but actually delete your group I

can open up groups here for a second

and to go to some of the groups that you

manage so if I had this group here and I

wanted to delete the group there's no

heaven you're not using this enact that

if you mean to get a group settings you

would not see anything that actually

gives you the option to delete the group

obviously you can change the group

address and so forth

description group type as you scroll

down you have the panel change the

privacy sections you know more options

that are available to you post approval

keyword and so forth but there's no

actually way to delete the group and the

actual edit group settings so to do that

you'd actually have to go to your

members so and you'd have to go to

delete the members and remove them from

the group but leave yourself as admin

last so go to here remove

you get this pop-up box here saying yes

and complain leave yourself last as your

last member of the drink you will just

go and leave the group and give me an

option here are you sure you want to

leave laptop and whatever group it's

famous ants into the last name burn

leave me now it gives you the option to

delete this group and say leave and

so that's just the quick video and how

in connections delete your group if you

want to just clean up your groups and

for 2019 going to 2020

hopefully this house was on it was you

know puzzling me how you could actually

do at first because it never gave the

Union options and the actual settings

itself to edit your group settings so

hopefully this helps if you're looking

to delete your group so this is Daniel

signing off

get your guys on the next video please

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delete their groups as well and their

Facebook accounts