How to Delete Facebook Page on iPhone (2020)

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in this video we will learn how to

delete facebook page on iphone so let's

begin so the process is really easy and

simple first you need to make sure that

you are connected with the Internet and

once connected with the internet what

you need to do is simply go and open

your Facebook app so here we go open up

the Facebook app so once this appears

simply go and tap on these three lines

at the right bottom corner this would

open this one now you need to search for

pages here we have pages tap on pages

this would open up all the pages that

you are managing so you need to tap on

the page that you want to delete tap on

that now once the page appears you can

see a setting Settings gear at the right

top corner so tap on this Settings gear

at the right top corner now tap on

general so once you are in general just

scroll down below until you see remove

page option

so it says deleting your page means that

nobody will be able to see or find it

once we have clicked it you will have 14

days to restore it so just keep that

mind tap on te template or whatever the

page name is and here to happen to need

page so the page is entered in the

deletion mode you can cancel the

deletion within the 14 days so hope it

has helped you in turning the Facebook

page on iPhone but before you go please

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