How to Delete a Facebook Business Page

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hey this is Sabrina lead trainer for Ballen Brands and today I'm going to

show you how to delete a facebook business page so this is a facebook

business page that I had created it's just a little test so what you're going

to do is when you're on your Facebook page you want to go to this settings

option in the upper right hand corner from here you you're gonna automatically

be defaulted to this general section which is perfect that's where you want

to be and down at the very bottom you will have a remove page option where you

can delete your page so if you click on it it does give you a little description

and tells you some little details like once you delete it you have 14 days to

restore it just in case you change your mind once it's deleted nobody's gonna be

able to find it so from here I'm gonna go ahead and just hit delete testing out

it does give you the option to unpublish it if you wanted to keep it only admins

would be able to see it at that point I want to fully delete it because this is

just a test I don't want it anymore so I'm gonna go ahead and hit delete page

okay and that's it um it's still gonna show

up on your page list here for 14 days after 14 days it will disappear and you

will no longer see it so don't get worried that it didn't actually delete

if you still see it on your pages list and that's how simple it is if you have

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