How to Completely DELETE/REMOVE Facebook Ad Account in 2021 from Facebook Business Manager

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hey how's it going beautiful people i'm

going to show you exactly

how to delete a facebook ad account not

deactivate but delete

okay if you look at my facebook ad

account where i have

multiple ad account and if you're like

me and you have for example

up to 25 ad accounts then you know that

you cannot

add another ad account or if you

just want to get rid of facebook you

want to close all

out account you want to delete it there

is a difference between deactivating and

deleting this

this is an account that i closed about

two months ago but it's still

in my list of ad account it has not


and so i am going to show you how to

delete an ad account how do you do it i

don't want to waste your time

when you're logging in your facebook

business setting okay if i hide that

when you

when you deactivate an ad account by

just clicking here

the account will not go away it will

just be hidden as you

as you see here hide close ad account if


unactivate that the closed ad account

will still appear here

when you reach 25 ad account you cannot

create another one

how you do delete one you have to open

your facebook

business manager first how do you open

that you go on and then

here you will it will open your business


in my case i have multiple business

managers and within a business manager i

might have

multiple ad accounts as you see here

within this business manager i have four

if i want to delete an ad account within

this one

i will have to delete the whole business


there is no way again i will repeat this

you cannot

delete a single facebook ad

account you will have to delete the

whole business manager

and if you only have one ad account

like this one in the business manager

then it won't matter because you're

trying to delete the ad account

so you will have to open the ad account

suppose this one is the one that i want

to delete

you have to open your ad account you go

up here on business tool

and you go on business settings maybe

your layout will be different than mine

but this is how you do it

if you come here under add account this

is a closed ad account

and how do you delete that this account

is disable or

inactive but it's not deleted so how do

you delete it you scroll down at the

bottom you click on business info

and you click here on permanently delete

business if you delete the because every

business has an ad account

an ad manager and ads within the ads


so if you delete the business manager

you will delete

everything you will not have access to

it anymore i'm going to click on

permanently delete business manager

once you delete the business manager

this action can be reversed to

help us improve please tell us why you

want to delete the business

it's hard to use whatever you select


options i'm just going to say it's hard

to use or maybe

i don't like your facebook something

like that anyway i click on next

schedule business for deletion once you

schedule a free for deletion it cannot

be accessed

all pages listen all pages

ad account and tools added will be

returned to the original

owner or be deleted imagine for example


i assigned so if in this account for

example i have assigned this

account to someone else then

if i delete that business account that

business manager you will be returned to

the original owner which is this

business manager so if i click on next

this is what will happen i'll have to

put my facebook password

you see now it says afro talent

whatever will be permanently deleted in

24 hours

if you change your mind go to business

manager and choose

don't delete business done you see now

it is still here in my list of business


so if in 24 hours it will disappear with

the ad account inside and then there is

zero page that i created here

if you have a page that have that you

have created and that you want

to keep you can you can assign that page

to someone else or to another business

account or to another person outside

your facebook so if i if i want to

cancel the deletion i just click on it

and i say

don't delete business it will be deleted

now in 23 hours so be careful

if you want to delete your facebook ad

account you'll have to delete your


business manager if you have multiple

ad accounts within the business manager

then you cannot delete a single one

if you delete the whole business manager

understand that it will delete

all ad accounts within it and not only

you will lose

all the ad accounts and all the pages

associated with this ad account

but you will also lose the pixels

that has all the information now if you

don't want to delete your whole facebook

business manager what you can do

and if you if you want to create more ad

account but

you have already reached the maximum

then you can create

multiple business managers touch just

like you see here and to do that you go


business dot

over view now you can create another

business manager when you create another

business manager

that will allow you you can create as

many business managers as you can as you

see here i already have 13

that will allow you now to have another

business manager you just open that one

and what you want to do is that you want

to transfer

some of this asset from the business

manager that you want to delete

to the new one that you created after

transferring them

then you can delete the business manager

so that you don't lose everything

in that business manager and if you want

to learn how to transfer assets

just let me know in the description i

will make another video about that i

don't want to make this video too long

and before i close this if you advertise

on facebook there's one tool that you

need to have

and it's called connect explore and what

this tool

allows me to do is actually to find

interests that are hidden on facebook

because facebook wants you to spend

more money on their platforms and what

they push you to do

is when you're trying to create a

facebook ad

on the interest part here when you

search for things like

fitness that have 798

million people that are interested this

is what facebook suggests you 58 million

48 million

the reason why facebook suggested that

is because they want you to advertise on

those keywords that are already

highly competitive and therefore your

click per cost will go

up and you will spend more money but in

fact they are actually

hidden keyword or interest that people

have shown

interest for that facebook is not

showing you for example

with this connect explorer i am able if

i type for example fitness

or gym i am

able to find 290

results with keywords that have

a very specific lower address not in the

million but in the hundreds of thousands

that almost nobody target but they exist

in facebook but facebook never shows you


let me show you an example if i take for

example body feed

this interest exists in facebook and it

actually has

806 000 people interested

but if i go on my facebook ad

set and i'm trying to target that

keyword i type

body fit no result is fine

there is no result it does not exist but

i actually we disconnect

explore i am able to simply add

that in my facebook ad set

and actually because the competition is

low here

because no not a lot of people have this


and the fact that i will target a lot of

this keyword with actually

low competition that will drive my click

per cost down the number one thing that

drives you click per cost

for like eight dollars per click five

dollars per click

three dollars per click is because like

i said facebook will just suggest you

those interests when you type them that

are in the millions

okay it will never suggest you anything

that is about

like 373 000 never

but this tool allows you to find that

and actually to add that to your

facebook account so

click on the link down below access this


now you need that and i have already

made a

an in-depth tutorial on how to use this


i will also put the link of the video

down below so you access this video

you watch it and you know how to use the

tool but you need these two

if you want to skyrocket your facebook

ad find

a lot a lot a lot of interest that are


in facebook and succeed with your

facebook ad this is what i wanted to

show you if you think

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and until next time i love you my

beautiful people peace

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thank you