How to Delete your Facebook Account from your iPhone

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Facebook has recently changed the way

you delete your accounts on the iPhone

so I wanted to make a quick video to

show you how to do it so what you want

to do is on any page on Facebook on your

mobile app go ahead and click the three

lines on the bottom here and that will

take you to this page where you could

scroll to the bottom and find setting

and privacy so if you see setting in

privacy go ahead and click it and then

press settings right underneath and then

that will take you to this page and then

go ahead and scroll down here and we

want to go all the way down to this new

area your Facebook information and you

want to click manage your information so

go ahead and click manage your

information here and then you could

choose between Facebook or Instagram I'm

gonna choose Facebook say I want to

manage my data the first option and here

it says deactivate or delete my account

go ahead and click that and if you see

that it doesn't let you just send it so

it says learn how to delete your

Facebook account so you'll have to click

that link here and they'll take you to

this page and you could read through

what it's telling you is telling you the

difference between deleting it and

deactivating it it's actually a lot

easier to do this on a computer but here

there's a link it says let us know go

ahead and click that link and that's all

it takes now to delete your account you

just have to type in your password and

it will delete your account but make

sure this is what you want to do before

you do it and once you're done here if

you want to delete your app just go

ahead and hold down on the iPhone just

go ahead and press down here and then

you could press X and it will delete

your Facebook from your phone I hope you

found this useful

again remember before you delete your

account make sure that's what you want

to do because Facebook does let you

deactivate it if you don't want to

permanently delete it but this video was

about permanently deleting your Facebook

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