How to Delete your Gmail Account | permanently Delete a Gmail Account in Mac or PC | 2019

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hey guys on today's video we'll teach

you how to delete your Google account

your YouTube account in your gmail

account okay so you guys can choose

whichever or delete them all anyways

let's just go right into this link up

here so I'm just soon so you guys can

take good look at it so that's the link

that we have to go into alright so once

you guys are in there this is what you

guys are gonna see me just zoom in see

you guys can see a little bit better so

right here on the side you guys will see

this so data so just click on this third

option under data and then we're gonna

scroll down until you guys see this here

so this will tell us the DNA service or

your account alright so a service means

like YouTube or Gmail if you guys just

want to do one of those so if you guys

just want to do one of those we're gonna

select this first option where it tells

you to lead a Google service so let's

just choose that for now and then we'll

teach you how to delete everything so

putting your passcode so I'm just gonna

make sure my password is the correct one

select next and then right here I can

see my YouTube or Gmail so if you just

put the trash mail on this one trash bin

on this one you guys will be deleting

each one at a time if we wanted to need

everything then we can just choose

another option let me just show you the

other option if you guys want to delete

everything so I'm just gonna go back

we're gonna go into the same same step

there so we still have to go into here

alright but instead of selecting delete

a Google service you guys can choose

delete your Google account okay so this

will delete like it says right here your

Google account and all your services and

data like emails and photos so if you

guys choose this right here we start to

put in your passcode password

and right here it's gonna tell you what

its gonna do beat exactly okay so if you

scroll down we can see everything your

Gmail your YouTube your calendar and

anything else you guys have here you

guys can delete them all from here so we

can just click on yes yes and delete

account that will delete everything all

at once you have to do one at a time so

you guys could do that or we're gonna

leave one at a time so we're gonna go

back against I can show you how to

delete one at a time so right here we're

going to delete a service like we said

before again email and passcode I'm

gonna go into here and wanted to lead

one at a time all right

you guys can also download data from

them but it's not that great anyways so

we're just gonna delete this YouTube

it's obviously gonna ask you for your

password every time you guys do this and

then right here it's gonna tell you I

want to permanently delete so that's

exactly what most of you want to do so

let's just click here click right here

delete my content to leave my content

type in your email again once you type

in your email just select delete my

content and there we go your content

will be deleted so your YouTube account

will be deleted let's just go back so at

this point you guys have deleted your

YouTube account we just went back to

look at our Gmail we can also delete our

Gmail from here we're just I'm gonna

click right here so obviously if you

guys are deleting your Gmail that means

you guys can't access this right so you

guys wouldn't have to put another email

address if you guys want to use google

play or anything like that using this

account which gets tricky so you guys

can do that right now if you guys want

to then just send verification email and

then you guys to do that however if you

guys don't want to delete everything so

here's my Gmail let's just delete

everything so what we're gonna have to

do is delete your Google account so it's

this second option here we're gonna

your account it's gonna ask you for your

password again we're gonna type it in

then right here you guys are gonna see

your Gmail okay

so again this depends what you guys want

to do exactly so I showed you one option

this is the second option and this will

delete your entire Google account so

we're gonna select yes yes yes

and then the beat account and there we


so right now that's been deleted you

guys are good to go all right so if you

guys made this by mistake

yes you guys could go to account support

and then follow steps to recover it

however it's a short time just like it

tells you right here some people do this

by accident you maybe didn't want to

delete the whole Google account you guys

can recover it hopefully you guys didn't

get confused because your Gmail is the

base of your whole Google account anyway

so there's no point of deleting a gmail

account you guys want to keep that

Google account although I showed you

guys that you guys could put in another

email to do that anyways that's it for

this video right now we just deleted

that a Google account you guys are good

to go done and over with that's it

if you guys have any questions comments

you guys can write them down here in

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